What is “Awesome”?




inspiring awe: an awesome sight.

showing or characterized by awe.

Slang . very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.
Ah, yes the slang.

Awesome has somewhat been relegated to simply describing excitement, as in when one beats a level in a video game or, likes the way a certain pair of shoes looks. It’s meaning watered down to a verb in the likes of ‘wow’ or ‘cool’, over the years by generations. Not intentionally, it’s just something that happens. Now I’m guilt of this too. Though since first writing this, I have used it in place of “oh, man that’s neat” less and less. If you do it, no biggie. I’m just sayin’. Let’s get back to using the proper words at the proper times. Ya dig? In it’s truest sense, it means Awe-inspiring, completely and utterly filled beyond understanding, with ‘awe.’ What is awe? Simply but yet only meaning, literally, mouth agape, eyes focused, unable to breath, to even comprehend what the viewer is looking upon. He or she is ‘in awe.’ There is only one who can conjure up this involuntary action where absolute quiet, incomprehension and ultimate meekness join together.



Company Of Angels by Felicia Hodges


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Tymothy Longoria has been described as a writer with a flair for the dramatic (whether this is true still remains to be seen). He is a fan of all things fantastic, metal music, black t-shirts, and aligns himself with geeks, nerds, and all manner of monsters, and is an ardent, optimistic supporter of his fellow creatives. He has written several short stories for the online macabre zine Underneath The Juniper Tree and in 2012 was awarded Debut Author of the Year by Twisted Core Press for 'Envy', his contribution to the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology. He is currently editing his full-length dark fantasy retelling, Revenants: Book One of The Stories. Fairy tales? If only. Legends will be reborn. Tymothy calls Texas home, where he lives with his wife, two children, and a cat called ThunderCat aka Kitty PawKitty. He is represented by Bree Ogden of Red Sofa Literary. View all posts by Tymothy Longoria

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