Well Well, What Have We Have Here? A Contest and a new Trailer!

I have been working on this for months. I have taken time off-perhaps too much.

Nevertheless<–don’t you just love this word?-I have decided that while I’m putting the final coat of epic on my baby The Stories:Book One I want to share it with a blessed future readerslashsupporter. I love this. All of it. The writing. The blogs. Facebook. Twitter. The Friends I have never met face to face, but I know I will in the future.

Back to the task at hand…I ramble. A lot.

Many people are intrigued. Many have said, “I WANT TO READ.” “I can’t wait to read.””when will this be in stores? When? Wow! Where? It’s enough for a guy to say: WOW, I REALLY HAVE To KICK IT UP A NOTCH. Or Twenty.

Seriously real readers telling ME this. Based on a simple trailer and very cryptic teaser. Also the site of course. Images. Clues. The phrase: Legends Will Be Reborn.

Among others. You see I am a natural salesdude. But behind all the hype I want to provide something real. Substantial. Something truly worth the title, Epic Fantasy.

What is it all about!!!

It ‘s about a group of people that go across the world to slay en evil being.



I have secured original art, a theme song, official-thanks Perception Of Intent!-though that would really be for a self-publishing route ;}, and I remind you I am SERIOUS.

So here it is.

I will conjure up characters. Three. One will be chosen. By YOU. Next? A line of dialogue will be written BY YOU.

Characters up tomorrow or Wednesday dependent on response, :} THANKS!

Have your voice heard…er read. Be a part of something-thanks to you all-that is going to a GREAT and EXCITING trip into fantasy.

The Stories:Book One-Genesis

The Stories:Histories.

The Stories:Book Two.

The Stories:Book Three-Fulfillment.

What say you?

"L'orrah...stay your feet from evil." "No. Evil came to ME."

arte:Kimberly Atkins.

EDIT 4/27/2011

The newest trailer is here! ;}. I had fun with it. Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: 4/28/2011-The Line In The Stories Contest Will be open until NEXT FRIDAY 5/06. JOIN in!

About Tymothy Longoria

Tymothy Longoria has been described as a writer with a flair for the dramatic (whether this is true still remains to be seen). He is a fan of all things fantastic, metal music, black t-shirts, and aligns himself with geeks, nerds, and all manner of monsters, and is an ardent, optimistic supporter of his fellow creatives. He has written several short stories for the online macabre zine Underneath The Juniper Tree and in 2012 was awarded Debut Author of the Year by Twisted Core Press for 'Envy', his contribution to the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology. He is currently editing his full-length dark fantasy retelling, Revenants: Book One of The Stories. Fairy tales? If only. Legends will be reborn. Tymothy calls Texas home, where he lives with his wife, two children, and a cat called ThunderCat aka Kitty PawKitty. He is represented by Bree Ogden of Red Sofa Literary. View all posts by Tymothy Longoria

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