Unbridled Talent: Madds Cousins:The Five


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Book: General Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure

Common scars brought us together.

The blinding light swept through the rest of the subway train, silently swallowing everything in its path. Time slowed down. Even I felt it. Screams collided off the crumbling walls and I could see the light writhing closer. The numbness lifted off of my chest, off of every limb at that moment and the light vanished.

Then the subway crashed and darkness took over.

At that moment, I felt again.

After a fatal subway crash, Madison Ray and four girls are the only survivors. They are given the chance to be something and gifted with elements. Strange events begin to occur and people start appearing; some offering assistance, such as the handsome Caleb – others offering annihilation. The Five must choose where they stand.

Madison cannot tell the difference between the darkness and the light though, and as the girls’ dive deeper into chaos, she will have to decide who she will become. She will have to decide to fall again, or stand as Maddie.

A nothing or a something?

The Five or her locket?

“The more people you love, the more you lose.”

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I wasn’t scared to walk alone through Central Park – whoever was hiding in the shadows didn’t know what was hiding in my body. Then I heard something and as I turned to glance behind me – someone flew me into a tree. I gasped and widened my eyes to see a hooded figure pinning my neck against an oak tree.

“Uh.” I managed to breathe out. As my eyes peered into its darkness, I only saw mine. The fire ablaze, my parents shrieking for help. My whole body went limp. Its hands were cool around my neck and I could feel it sucking every ounce of power from me. My eyes grew heavy and I began to wilt against the figure.

Then I heard a voice echo through the images and the cool hand disappeared. I coughed, grasping my throat and fell to my knees. A sound of thrashing gathered in my eardrums. I gazed through my brow to see a young man carrying a wide, long sword. It glimmered from the lamp light and little black particles swam around it in the air.

“Ugh.” It was the only thing that escaped my dry lips. The guy turned and his face shone beautifully in the light. He was gorgeous; tanned smooth skin, fine features and a sculptured nose. His whole face was a masterpiece. Like a marble statue. But that was beside the point – who was he? He took a few heavy steps towards me and eyed me, suspiciously like I had been the one with the long, mystical sword.

“Who are you?” I fluttered my eyes, surprised he had spoken. I was speechless. Who was I? Who are you! I was distraught and finally I was breathing normally. With a flick of his wrist, the sword he held transformed into a small crystal with a thick wool string attached. He brought it to his neck and tied it around. “I asked you question.” He sounded impatient and he widened his almond chocolate eyes at me.

“I’m – I’m.” I wanted to cry. I let my head fall and he crouched down in front of me.

“Who are you?” As I gazed up, he was inches away from my face. He was very attractive – with wispy, thick chestnut hair, and full pink lips. His jaw was strong and his eyes were steady – steady brown. I gripped my locket – but realized I had taken it off weeks ago. I felt weak then – alone then. His broad hand slid over mine and I gazed at him through a cluster of curls.

My lip shook. “Who are you?” His eyes remained steady and calm.

“I’m Caleb.” Was that supposed to meaning something? “And you?” I wanted to run. I pushed myself up off the dirt path and managed to stay standing but I was too daze and flustered to actually run.

Caleb stood up to his full length – a head taller than me. “I’m – I’m Debbie.” I almost began blushing – feeling childish and stupid that I used that name of all names. He studied my heated face and I studied the scattered leaf path. “What was that? That thing that attacked me?” The muscles in his jaw squeezed and his eyes grew smaller.

“A Follower. For some reason –” He paused, examining me altogether and took a step closer. “They’ve been following you.”

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