I See My Demons. They See Me Too.

The following is a comment I recently typed out, recently meaning like 10 minutes ago in response to a blog post by Carlos Whittaker on  Ragamuffin Soul. The blog post is entitled Amy Winehouse Is Me And I Am Amy Winehouse. In it he writes, and it’s a brief one, how pastors and the like of many churches use these situations-death by way of od, addiction, etc-to illustrate how not to be. “The demons she battled with are the demons that plague people like her”. Well, he is right on the money in saying to these speakers and teachers that WE are the ones who have demons.

By we I mean ALL OF US.

–Simple yet poignant. A truth we often forget. What is that truth?

Well, the Word says all have sinned. We know what it means of course. But who has sought deeper into what it means that all have sinned?

At that point in history when the author Paul wrote this…well here is a very brief and painfully obvious history lesson: I was not born yet. Neither were you.
I know, right?

Stay with me. Paul knew-I know he did because he heard the voice of God, he lived and breathed Christ-that he was not only speaking of himself and those around him–those alive at the time-and those who would come. People a hundred years from then. A thousand years from then. US. And those who will come after us.

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23.

We all make choices. Let us make the right ones. As a Friend on Facebook says-”it is not always easy.”

It was through that Friend, Michael Gomez, that I found my way here.

What is my point? If nothing else it is that we are the ones Paul speaks of when he says “all”.

Yes, Carlos, You are Amy. And Amy is you…and so am I.–


About Tymothy Longoria

Tymothy Longoria has been described as a writer with a flair for the dramatic (whether this is true still remains to be seen). He is a fan of all things fantastic, metal music, black t-shirts, and aligns himself with geeks, nerds, and all manner of monsters, and is an ardent, optimistic supporter of his fellow creatives. He has written several short stories for the online macabre zine Underneath The Juniper Tree and in 2012 was awarded Debut Author of the Year by Twisted Core Press for 'Envy', his contribution to the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology. He is currently editing his full-length dark fantasy retelling, Revenants: Book One of The Stories. Fairy tales? If only. Legends will be reborn. Tymothy calls Texas home, where he lives with his wife, two children, and a cat called ThunderCat aka Kitty PawKitty. He is represented by Bree Ogden of Red Sofa Literary. View all posts by Tymothy Longoria

4 responses to “I See My Demons. They See Me Too.

  • Josh

    Dig the post man. I rea Carlos’ post earlier as well and it really hit me hard. The thing that is so incredible though about what Paul of Tarsus says in his letter to the Romans 3:23 is that not only have all sinned an fallen short of the glory of God, but “are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ.”

    That, for me, is crucial to include in the conversation.

    Peace and love,

    • Tymothy Longoria

      Josh, thank you for coming by and commenting. You are absolutely correct. However, we know this. The world does not. The world sees the Christian as religious and hypocritical. As judgemental. Therefore, we must remind them we-the saved-were all sinners and now we are saved by the grace of God, not only saved.
      I believe that a person who has yet to accept this grace would be more accepting of a Christ-in us-who is not pompous and judgemental. One who will sit at the dinner table with him or her. Jesus.

      Be blessed, Brother!

  • Sharon Ricklin Jones

    Like the saying goes: “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

    It’s so true…we are no different than anyone out in the world…except that we are saved by His Grace! We must fight off sin every single day. It makes me crazy that, because of a few, the rest of the Christians get such a bad rap. We’re not all judgmental…(although I was in the beginning of my walk, but as time went by, I learned the same lesson you speak of.)

    I sometimes wonder if some of my “fellow Christians” here on face book ever think I am off my rocker by some of the people I have friended…
    I refuse to be judgmental any more…I’ve friended peoples of all faiths, colors, countries, and sexual orientation. Who do I think that I am if I do any less than Jesus would do?

    Thanks for this post…it reminds me of who I am, and that I need to pray harder for my fellow man.

    Love in Jesus,
    Sharon 🙂

  • Tymothy Longoria

    Sharon…what a blessing. Sadly what you and I both agree on, so many others see it, STILL-as judgement. But we don’t focus on that assumption now, do we?

    Beautiful statement of truth.

    I too have “friended” others of different beliefs/dogmas and etc. But to sincerely be an example, if nothing else. THAT is what Jesus would do…no, that is what He DID.

    Be blessed!

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