Mary Godwin.

She created perhaps one of the best known characters of literature. One that would live forever and be told again and again. One that would inspire countless writers and even more debates of the meaning behind it all.


She is better known…as Mary Shelley.

She got the idea in a dream. I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life, and stir with an uneasy, half vital motion. Frightful must it be; for supremely frightful would be the effect of any human endeavour to mock the stupendous mechanism of the Creator of the world.

I know she was a believer in the Creator. Not just because of what she said at the end of this quote but because of her writing. You can see it. But through her life and at the end, that aspect was between her and God. She was a pioneer and her monster is a type that goes beyond the surface. It bears repeating. We should all write so brilliantly.

Today is her birthday and I thought of a short to write to share with you all. Christians can write horror. In  a collaboration with 7 other awesome writers, each of us are writing a tale inspired by one of the seven deadly sins. I’m writing ‘Envy’

I also wrote a short called Obey. It is better to obey than to sacrifice. These could be considered horror. Oblige me.


When You Died, A Part Of Me Went With You.

Tommy. Billy. Matt. Jason.


They did everything together. Since the age of five when they first met in kindergarten, they began sharing their lives. However a few weeks before Tommy’s 18th birthday, he was killed in a car accident. The boys were stricken with grief. A few days later they convened outside of Billy’s house.

“Tommy was the strongest of us,” Billy cried, fighting tears.

Jason and Matt stayed quiet and nodded in time.

“He was the strongest link. I really don’t know what I’m going to do,” he continued.

Matt lifted his head. “I mean they say life goes on right? How is ours supposed to?”

Billy was considered the best of Tommy’s three best friends. “Life does go on. It has to…but I think…Tommy’s can too.”

“What? In our memories?” Matt snapped with sarcasm. “Dude, that’s a given. It’s b.s. anyway. I don’t want to “get over” this. Not right now anyway.”

“No,” Billy began, “not in our memories. I mean, yes, in our memories…but listen.”

Jason and Matt drew closer and stared at Billy waiting for his “idea”.

“Tonight…we visit Tommy. Tonight we get him out of that prison. He doesn’t belong in dirt like that! Not Tommy! Not our Tommy!”

Matt and Jason looked at each other then back at Billy. They nodded. Tommy smiled.

A few hours later, the boys, all dressed in black, went just as Billy planned to where Tommy was laid to rest. Billy wasted no time and ran behind a large monument where he had hidden some shovels, a small ladder and a spade he took from his father’s garage.

Jason was sweating profusely at this point.

“Dude! We haven’t even started! Wuss.”

“Dude! I loved Tommy too, but this is starting to get to real for me. I mean come on Billy! Matt…seriously?”

Matt lowered his head. “You don’t want to do this…take off,” he said.

Jason looked at him then at the dirt below. He clenched his jaw and was the first one to start digging.

“Yeah! YEAH!” Billy shouted. He grabbed the spade and started breaking the earth as well and Matt was close behind. They dug and dug and not one of them said a word.

Hours passed and Billy looked at his phone. “Guys…it’s 3:20.  We should be close,” he mumbled wiping his brow.

Another hour passed and Billy was the first to hit the box.

They all looked at each other.

“There. He’s right there.”

Matt and Jason looked on anxiously. The only sound was the wind and the beating of their hearts.

Billy took a deep breath and opened the top of the casket as dirt rolled off.

“Oh, Tommy…” he whispered. Tommy’s face had abrasions all over one side of it. He lost his right hand and his lower right leg, just under his knee. The accident was horrific to say the least.

“It’s time, Tommy,” Billy smiled.

“What? What are you talking about Billy?” Jason shouted. “What!?”

“After I pull him out of here…he’s going to come back to us. I know it. My mom’s been a doctor for all of my life. I’ve picked up a lot of things from her books and journals. I can do this.”

“Billy?” Matt asked slowly.

“You guys have read Frankenstein. Fellas…we’re going to write Tommy a new story. Just like Shelley did. But he won’t be a wretch…or a fiend. He will come back to us. Our friend is coming back.”

Matt nodded. “Prometheus. Awaken,” he said softly with an ominous grin.

“He’s going to need a new hand…and a leg,” Billy said with eyes glassed-over. He went towards a black bag that hadn’t been touched. “That’s why I brought this,” he said raising it.

“I’ll go first,” Billy said. He then withdrew a surgical  blade. “They say when someone dies, they take a piece of you. I say, for Tommy, we give him something to show for it.” He signaled to Matt to hold him and he bit down on a rolled up piece of cloth. Immediately he began cutting off his own hand. His right hand.

Jason stood back horrified as Billy sawed away at his hand. He didn’t appear to be in any pain. He was manic.

“Dude! No! Dude!” Jason swallowed hard and hunched forward and threw up.

“For Tommy, Jason! For Tommy!” Matt yelled holding down Billy just as he finished. Blood spilled onto the ground and Billy wrapped his hand.

“M-Matty…you’re next. Your leg.”

Matt looked at Billy and stared at the saw. He gulped.

“Then after you…Jason,” Billy whispered to Matt.

“What? You have a hand and you’ll get his leg! What do you need from me??” Jason yelled in fear.

Billy looked at Jason with a blank stare, his face pale. He grunted and winced in pain and then spoke:

“Tommy’s heart gave out.”


courtesy your friendly neighborhood Writer-Man. thwip!

About Tymothy Longoria

Tymothy Longoria has been described as a writer with a flair for the dramatic (whether this is true still remains to be seen). He is a fan of all things fantastic, metal music, black t-shirts, and aligns himself with geeks, nerds, and all manner of monsters, and is an ardent, optimistic supporter of his fellow creatives. He has written several short stories for the online macabre zine Underneath The Juniper Tree and in 2012 was awarded Debut Author of the Year by Twisted Core Press for 'Envy', his contribution to the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology. He is currently editing his full-length dark fantasy retelling, Revenants: Book One of The Stories. Fairy tales? If only. Legends will be reborn. Tymothy calls Texas home, where he lives with his wife, two children, and a cat called ThunderCat aka Kitty PawKitty. He is represented by Bree Ogden of Red Sofa Literary. View all posts by Tymothy Longoria

9 responses to “Shelley.

  • Allie Burke

    I actually read this earlier and loved it so much I wanted to leave a comment, and just as I was typing LOVE I was interrupted. I was like, “Dude, quiet…”


    LOVE is what I’m trying to say. Absolutely loved this. I actually laughed at the end, and cut myself short as I thought… “That’s not really funny.” The whole, heart-stopping thing. Even now as I think about it, I’m not so sure if that laugh is the most desirable reaction. Point is, I’m still thinking about your words, several hours after I read them. Well, technically, I just read them again, but…

    Fantastic. Love, love, love.

  • Tymothy Longoria

    Word, AllieRock!

    Thank you so much! I’ve received some awesome comments on it elsewhere, *ahem The Twitter, Facebook and you came by.

    As always my Friend in Epicness-thank you!

  • Jason Darrick

    Very nice interpretation of classic, Gothic horror. The ending was well played, though perhaps another character could have been the ‘heart’ victim, as I felt that Jason was the least described character (and had the least lines). Minor gripe, and overall a fine story. I’d love to see this story get a full treatment as a novella.

    • Tymothy Longoria

      Word. Jason I appreciate every word. I wrote it on a whim. There were actually three directions I could have gone, but you make a valid point. I think I settled on Jason becoming the heart because he was the meekest of the three and was least for what Billy and Matt(Billy especially, of course)were planning on. He was the purest and yes, weakest.

      I am definitely going to take you up on the novella treatment.



  • Michele Shaw

    T, I dig! I was wondering where this was going, not believing they’d actually dig him up, and then whoa! This would be way cool in longer form with their relationships fleshed out and getting in the head of each character. Go forth, young man! Keep writing. As always, Writer<3

  • Tymothy Longoria

    M…I’ve been writing a few shorts (under 500 words) these past few days and I know exactly what you mean. It has been a very good exercise for me as a writer.

    As you and Jason suggested I definitely will do this!

    When I finished it I was already planning a “what comes next” sort of motif.

    As always, my Friend,

    Thank you!



  • rivieremwah

    It always surprises me when I read your blogs and postings. Yes, you have mad writing skills. Your words transport…dare I say it? Yes, I will…they transcend this world. I know, it sounds schmarmy. But I have to say it. My soul cries out to say it. Your heart shines through your writing. Ask anyone. Every comment I’ve read of your writings has always the same theme. “Memorable, touching, riveting, loved it…”

    Whatever genre you decide to write, it will always be beyond this world.

    In case you didn’t already know, I loved it. Big smiles, #BNFF brother.

  • Neeks

    I hope Billy has some serious mojo in his bag, because with all of them in need of a doctor, how are they going to get him out of the ground and alive again?
    Great story, would love to see more!

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