Lily & Luke

Lily sat still for a moment, looking at her feet. Her dark hair fell over her face, hiding her violet eyes. Across the room, Luke said nothing and only stared blankly back at her.

“I bet you’re thinking about what I’m thinking, aren’t you?” She said still looking down. She lifted her head and blew her bangs back over her forehead. “No matter what you say, I won’t let you go,” she said looking straight into his eyes. He said nothing. “We’ve been through so much,” she continued.

“I know you say I may be too controlling. I’m too manic for your simple take on life. But you know what Luke? I love you. Don’t you understand that?”

Her eyes stayed on his but he still had yet to speak. He didn’t even blink.

I’m the one that taught you to be this way. I’m the one who showed you how to be strong. I’m the one, who showed you how to stand up for yourself! When we met…you were…how can I say this? You were weak. A pushover. Now? Now it’s as if nothing can harm you.”

She squinted her eyes in frustration.

“What’s that look? Luke?”

She walked over to him, her arms folded.

“Well? Aren’t you going to say anything at all to me?” In frustration, she turned around away from him. “Not that anything you say would make up for what you did…”

Luke remained quiet. As quiet as he’d ever been. Perhaps she was right.

“Yes! It was all you. It’s your fault this happened. It’s your fault we’re having this…this discussion.”

“I did you a favor, Luke! I…I was there for you. No one else cared. No one. I did you a favor…” She didn’t agree with any of her own words. It was just hot air leaving her body. Lily’s eyes began to water but she wiped the tears away quickly and turned back to face him.

“No! No. Don’t you dare get up! Oh…you forgot? Huh? You’re so damn surprised that I can cry? We’ll I’m human. I bleed. I hurt, Luke! After everything,” she mumbled as her shoulders dropped towards the floor.

“Oh, Luke I love you. I know you didn’t mean it. And…and I know, it’s not really you’re fault. We can work this out. We can work through this! You and me. We’re a team. Amor numquam moritur! Remember? Amor numquam moritur…”

Luke continued to stare at her with a grin. An eerie grin that betrayed his state.

“The best team ever,” she said as she walked closer and closer to him. “There’s nothing to worry about now. Everything is going to be…okay.”

Lily reached over the top of the table, lifted Luke’s skull, smoothed her hand over the top of it…and held it close to her chest. She clutched it close to her…as she did every day…for the last year. She lowered her head and kissed the top of the skull, and whispered,

“Everything is going to be…wonderful.”

This short tale inspired by Phatpuppyart. Props. Word.

Amor numquam moritur.

Dust In The Wind by PhatPuppyArt

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The February issue is full of love and, of course, blood. Lots of blood. Be careful when someone sends you a sweet Valentine, because it may be your doom.”–Feb Issue

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Amor numquam moritur.

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Tymothy Longoria loves God, his wife and his two children. While working two jobs two years ago he decided he could be what God had been calling him to be. A writer. Since then he has written numerous poems, a childrens picture book called The Sad Little Robut and a dark fantasy, the first in a series called The Stories, where he says, legends will be reborn. All his works are written with passion and a poetic prose. He calls Texas home, where music and art inspire him. He is bringing his calling and his dream of being a career and prolific writer to fruition. Tymothy is represented by Bree Ogden of D4EO Literary Agency and is on the road to bringing The Stories to publication. View all posts by Tymothy Longoria

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