We write, we paint, we…We create. For many different reasons. Some for one reason, others for nine reasons. I am an bleeding heart fan and supporter of art. In all it’s incarnations. After all, my God is The Creator.

I write. I love art. These things will go together forever, joyfully, because they are of the same blood. Word.
Here, I feature what I will be calling “Impression Of The Week“. The link will feature an artist from the extraordinary site: and other pages, although with DevArt, once you go in…it’s hard to come out, 🙂
My way of showing my love for all things “Art” and support for those who, like me, create.
Be it Traditional, Digital, Anime, Fantasy, Vector.
I have had an account since 2003 and I will be pulling from “My Favorites” for this feature.
Simple. Click the Arte link to the right and peruse the Artist’s work. You don’t have to sign up for anything. It is, again, MY way of spreading creation. In the fantasy series I’m creating I see a great novel. I believe in it and I believe that, sooner than later, it will be adapted into a graphic novel.
Be blessed.

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