My Work So Far

The Sad Little Robot,  written as a Valentine for my wife, soon evolved into an entire lil’ story, with a new character in a whole new world.
He’s a metal softy. I think you’ll love him. :}

He reflected on all he had seen and heard and learned along the way, and thought to himself:  M-may-maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe things are getting better and better for me! Suddenly though, he was FALLING! He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he stepped over a cliff and didn’t even realize it.

Faster and faster Robut fell…

“Oh, my, I-,”…he said panic stricken.

“Save…me,” he whispered as he shut his eyes.


The Sad Little Robut.

WIP, The Many Adventures Of Robut


The Stories:Book One

My opus. My dream.
We are in the midst of a revolt.
A war.
What are we fighting for?
Our existence.
Our lives.
Whatever is left of them, that is.
There is no vast army, no strongholds, NO one coming to help us.
There are no, ‘teams’.
It’s just Us…
and THEM.
Logos, I hate them…
Anyway, we may seem familiar to you.
But you’ll notice things aren’t quite as you remember.
You grew up.
So did we.
You forgot about us.
Things have changed.
We have changed.

We are…

The Stories.

In this dark fantasy, old becomes new and legends…will be reborn.

That’s what faith can do 🙂

“I’ll pull you up and push you right back in your place
I’ll take you down and wipe that smile right off your face
I’ll watch you break, you’re mine to take, don’t blink, you just might miss it!
It’s all or nothing, nowhere left to run, are you ready for the last fight?
Get ready with the war cry!

Let me you hear you S C R E A M. “~Ozz

*Edit 6/23/2011 The Stories: Book One is finished.

*Edit 9/11/11 I have an agent!!! Bree Ogden.  READY.

Where [The Stories] is unique is that it is not a retelling of the Tolkien type of epic fantasy, but is rather a unique epic fantasy in that I do not believe multiple Grimm stories and characters have ever been woven together into a tapestry of epic proportions, generating a story where all pieces fit together in the grand scheme of the greater quest.”–Nicholas Denmon, Author of For Nothing.


The Seven Deadly Sins AnthologyEnvy

“The love of one’s own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs.”–Dante

Coming 2012


Friends. page 123

Underneath The Juniper Tree-October Issue



Underneath The Juniper Tree Site


When You Died A Part Of Me Went With You

Underneath The Juniper Tree-November Issue




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