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Aspire No More: Part Duo

Write until your hand gives out. Then write some more.

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Snappin’ my fingers…and writing.




We have our winner.

The call? Be inspired by this piece by Zenos Frudakis called: Freedom and write your freedom story or poem.

The entry that captured the feel, the message, the one that showed the sculpture’s intent and inspiration, for me, was this one.

Stuart Nager has a gift.

You are free. To live. To learn. To love. Go...go!

..and i will be free

Freedom, and the taste of it is so sweet.

Elephteria, released, ran out into the quad and raised her arms and head to the heavens. Five years of interment, awake the entire time. The madness that she thought would never end, ended. She was ready to take flight, ask for forgiveness, ask for acceptance.

Xaris, released, tried to warn Laurel, to hold her wild rush. His fear for her was brimming over. He, too, was aware the whole time, and what he heard as people sneered by made him dread this day. There was no forgiveness, in his heart, to ask for. Xaris knew he would never be accepted.

Laurel, released, was hesitant, and despaired in what she witnessed. Five years of hatred for Elephteria, five years of tearing herself apart knowing Xaris was only thinking of her. She was twisting in despair, and she wondered if he would ever forgive her, if she would ever accept herself as she was.

Raffaele, released, refused to be, for he had not forgiven himself in these long five years. He felt the four of them should stay imprisoned, in that immobile state until all who knew them were long gone. There was a need for atonement, for them all, and he hit the button under his palm that encased him again. He did not wish to have to deal with any of them ever again. He accepted that.

News Ding 2049/15/11:  Freedom, and the taste of it is so sweet.

The October Malcontents were realeased  at 0700, back into the land we love. Fiver years ago, the collective tried to break down our beloved system, saying NO to the rules that keep us all safe. Shouting slogans against our beloved establishment, the rousing of ire caused their downfall. Here’s hoping they have learned their lessons.


Stuart is on The Twitter as well.

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I Am Writer

I am one who can create an entire world that never existed. I can imagine in my head epic battles…or the quiet flutter of a butterfly’s wings. In my world, in these dimensions, a lone warrior can travel into the very belly of the beast to claim his queen or he can walk the halls of a high school with no memory of the night before, save for a burn mark in his palm.

I Am…Writer.

For this first post in a new feature for Wednesdays, I posed a question: What does it mean to you be a Writer?

I am ever-blessed to know so, many great, talented, extremely supportive people. Here are some of their answers. Enjoy. Take something, anything away from this. Share it. Do the same. Make it yours.

Me. It means finding out who I’m “supposed” to be. Who God called me to be. He gave me this gift. I’m running with it. For me it means-I have found my destiny. All else is beauty. Continue reading

Listen UP!


When all is said and done…keep writing!

My Work…so far

The Sad Little Robot

Robots. Gotta love ’em. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, just like us, and they never seem to “go out of style.”
From the ever popular Transformers to Plex from Yo! Gabba Gabba, children, as well as adults, love robots.
I for one have always been fascinated by them.
The Sad Little Robut complete at 1,083 words, centers around, you guessed it, a little robot named, ‘Robut’ and his journey to find happiness and love. In this “introduction” story, he finds excitement and what makes life exciting, but never loses focus on his true goal-Friendship. He is small, awkward and clumsy at times but make no mistake-he is determined.
I want others to meet him and share in his journeys, where in the end it is all about being kind to one another and sharing in life’s joys.

The Stories:Book One

An epic fantasy in the making. My opus. My dream.

We are in the midst of a revolt.
A war.
What are we fighting for?
Our existence.
Our lives.
Whatever is left of them, that is.
There is no vast army, no strongholds, NO one coming to help us.
There are no, ‘teams’.
It’s just Us…
and THEM.
Logos, I hate them…
Anyway, we may seem familiar to you.
But you’ll notice things aren’t quite as you remember.
You grew up.
So did we.
You forgot about us.
Things have changed.
We have changed.
Who are “we”?

We are…The Stories. In this epic fantasy, old becomes new and legends…

…will be r e b o r n.

I have a site, a Facebook “Like” page and a book trailer devoted to this, my baby.
I’m generating a buzz! and may I add…it’s working! 🙂
THANK YOU to all of my awesome supporters! It’s almost complete. I’m going the traditional route.

That’s what faith can do 🙂


As much as I write and am pushing myself to bring my dream of being published to fruition, I am a steady and faithful supporter of my Fellows.Writer’s: of Books, Shorts;Poets’, those who make the words dance like Jimmy Fallon doing his fist pump, among so many others. We Scribes’ are the now. We are the future of the written word. When we fully realize our gift, we know it-and we make it grow still.

So, in this section I will be posting up great friends who write and blog about what they write and read. It will grow. Definitely. Thanks to you all for being a part of my journey and I am honored to be a part of yours.

Also, there is no way to list you all and the ones that we have yet to meet.
But I will do my best.

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