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Emma’s Prayer by River Jordan

 When I was in school, I know I must have seen a show or something, because I wrote this for school and they ended up publishing it in the local weekly paper.  

Emma’s Prayer

Moonlight kissed the features of the small girl as she lay holding her doll tightly against her.

Emma Cortez was squeezed into a corner of the bed she shared with her two older brothers.  Ramón was nine years old and Carlos was eleven.  Emma was eight and she still loved the doll Papá had given to her on her fourth birthday.  That was the same year that he had died.

He had taken care of them well when he was alive though.  They owned their own home which consisted of a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen (the Christmas tree was in the living room).

Emma and her brothers slept in the bedroom and her mamá slept on the sofa.  The reason her mamá slept on the sofa was because she woke up very early in the morning to cook breakfast and warm the water for their baths.  To keep them warm at night, mama turned the burners of the stove on all night and also covered them with many blankets. Continue reading

I Am Writer

I am one who can create an entire world that never existed. I can imagine in my head epic battles…or the quiet flutter of a butterfly’s wings. In my world, in these dimensions, a lone warrior can travel into the very belly of the beast to claim his queen or he can walk the halls of a high school with no memory of the night before, save for a burn mark in his palm.

I Am…Writer.

For this first post in a new feature for Wednesdays, I posed a question: What does it mean to you be a Writer?

I am ever-blessed to know so, many great, talented, extremely supportive people. Here are some of their answers. Enjoy. Take something, anything away from this. Share it. Do the same. Make it yours.

Me. It means finding out who I’m “supposed” to be. Who God called me to be. He gave me this gift. I’m running with it. For me it means-I have found my destiny. All else is beauty. Continue reading

Well Well, What Have We Have Here? A Contest and a new Trailer!

I have been working on this for months. I have taken time off-perhaps too much.

Nevertheless<–don’t you just love this word?-I have decided that while I’m putting the final coat of epic on my baby The Stories:Book One I want to share it with a blessed future readerslashsupporter. I love this. All of it. The writing. The blogs. Facebook. Twitter. The Friends I have never met face to face, but I know I will in the future.

Back to the task at hand…I ramble. A lot.

Continue reading

New Post. New Friends. Newness All Around.

Nicholas Denmon: Writer, Politico and overall guy smiley.

…and fellow #BNFF. Yeah. Nerds. We are the new rockstars.

Check it!:Cat Get Off My Keyboard

Nics Twitter  Hit’em up.


Penelope Fletcher

I want to write something worth remembering. I have a suspicion it will take most of my life, but I’m okay with that. I write fantasy, which to date has fallen into the young adult readership. I listen more than I speak, and skip from one thought to the other quite fast. I love to smile, and my favorite thing to do in the whole world is to read.–Penelope Fletcher

THIS is an excellent, to the point trailer. It’s my cup o’ hot tea.

Find out more about Penelope and her latest projects! The Blog.

She can be found on Facebook here and Sends out great tweets here

Intrigue.  Maybe in the future Rae and my m/c can either join forces or…


C.E. Smith


Support her in her Writing journey!



So if you’re having a bad day, just let your mind wonder and know that it will be okay.–Claire

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