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He's Here


What is Art? Is art art? A Quick “Writer’s Word” on Art and Books

Now that I got The Charlie Sheen outta the way…

Writing. Art. When these two meet and join…great and beautiful things are born.

It really is unspeakable. The joining of hands of two profound and timeless entities.

I would love to post hundreds of examples of art inspired by writing and thousands of books inspired by art but I shan’t.

Two different thing’s. Yet the same. For me anyway. Because .

I found a very talented Artist, who goes by the nom de plume, Le Madame Atkins* who is very capable of bringing what’s in my mind into reality. She’s already completed several works for my book. Seeing theses character’s “come to life” so to speak is one thing I never imagined at the inception of the idea for my book. I am truly blessed.

Her name is Kimberly Atkins and I am honored to be working with her.

This image is a rendering of one of the main character’s and protagonist’s in The Stories series.

Let The Blood Speak, Child by Kimberly Atkins

Just one great example of the relationship between artist and writer, which amazingly,  she is also.

In all honesty, I have come a long way. Now, I wish I was  finished and it was in the hands of that special agent already and he couldn’t put it down…but I’m getting there.

When we write, we see these people, thing’s, places, just as clear as what’s in front of us. They are as tangible as this keyboard I’m using. So when we put “pen” to paper and start telling their story, we want others to feel what they feel. To see what they see. That is why the genuine writer, well, writes. Yes. Of course. We want to get paid for it. Let’s be honest. But that is just the bonus. If you truly care about the world you have created or are creating, then you understand.

You know what it feels like to cry, laugh, scream with them, hurt them…and bring healing to them as well.

That is why I have devoted a portion of this blog to Deviantart.com. That’s all I’ll say about that. Deviantart. For years it was like my very own little haven for extremely talented artist’s. But know I’m delighted when I see other’s have discovered this no longer hidden gem.

On another site there is a constant and never ending thread asking for anyone who can make book covers. Why?

Because it is the first thing someone sees when they’re looking for a book. The cover. I won’t get into the whole “don’t judge a book by” thing ’cause we all know that while it’s true, it is also a reason we buy books. The covers. The art. Also, published authors that I am honored to know really do care about the art their books are associated with. The art that makes the first impression.When a book is made into a movie…the images(for the most part) that the writer had in mind, come alive.

I’m such a fan of art. Not because it will help me sell my books in the future but because it speaks of my work. Of yours.

Because art inspires the writer. Because the writer inspires the artist.

The artist creates with a brush. The writer with a pen. We are all artist’s. Creators, made in the image of THE Creator.

What will you create in this lifetime?

Be blessed!

*she doesn’t go by that name, lol.

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