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#WriterWednesday Shameless Self Promo.

In a world where fantasy is passed down from generation to generation as history.
Where “myth” is truth and stories, are alive.

These legendary characters have stood the test of time itself. They join together in an epic fantasy like no other.

“The tales you heard as a child? Only rumors of what really happened.”

In The Stories-legends will be reborn. Witness the rebirth.

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My Book Has Been Cast

In my head that is 🙂

I’ve seen many a blog Writer put up their own “wish-list” if you will, of who they feel would totally represent their most precious creations. Guess what?


Actress Jodelle Ferland


Helen Mirren

So, ladies, be on the look out for a book called The Stories. 🙂

Mr. Betanny

Paul Bettany

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