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Megg Jensen: Riding the Publishing Waves

I had an idea a few weeks ago. What if I featured the authors of DarkSide Publishing, and gave them this venue to write about whatever they felt like writing for the entire week? Well, I asked and they said YES. Megg Jensen was the first and only interview I’ve done, so far and I am happy to have her over again. Thank you, Megg! Without further clickety-clack from me, here’s Megg.


I’m not a surfer, not even a swimmer because I’m deathly afraid of going underwater, but I love to watch people catch a curl … well, on TV, because I live in Illinois and it’s really hard to surf on corn.

My first novel, Anathema, debuted back in February. I released the sequel, Oubliette, in June. Both have done really well (Anathema has outsold what’s expected for an average first novel), but there are days when I look at my rankings and get a little bummed. They aren’t always as high as I want them to be. Continue reading

DarkSide Publishing, Writers Call and Book Proposals

Hello Writers and Readers.

It’s Friday. Remember if you’re on the Twitter, make sure to follow your favorite writers, artists, agents, creators, and over all kind and supportive people-and those who deserve a kind and supportive word.

Now, I am pleased to announce that the Authors of DarkSide Publishing

Megg Jensen

Karly Kirkpatrick

Angela Carlie

G.P. Ching

and newest member, author Magan Vernon will be Guesting all week long here on Aspire No More. I’ve read some of the posts-stay tuned!


Freedom, write your 500 word short/commentary, poem(any length)! Deadline is October 16th! Thank you all who have submitted! Serious talent you do have.

I will be hammering away at my book proposal for the remainder of the day-why am I sharing this? To remind you all who wish to go the traditional route of publishing-it can happen.

Be blessed.

Writers are the new rock stars. We keep it rockin’.


Megg Jensen, Ya Author of Anathema

Megg Jensen

Reychel is a slave girl surrounded by magic, lies and manipulation. Her best friend disappears in the middle of the night leaving Reychel to face her fifteenth birthday, the day her master burns his brand into the back of her bald head, alone. She’s sheltered from the outside world and doesn’t have any hope for escape, but when people desperate for freedom ask for her help can Reychel learn to believe in herself?

1. Megg, how syked are you to see your words in print at this level? You are on Barnes & Nobles PubIt! Teen bestseller’s list!

I was stunned, to put it mildly. But I know I have to keep up the momentum. Maybe someday I’ll break the top ten?

2. Indie. Firstly, for the reader’s that are unaware, what is an “Indie”?

An indie is an author who’s decided to go it alone, without the an agent and traditional publisher.

3. Why are you an Indie?

I’m not against agents or traditional publishers. This was just the right option for me. My goal is to have people read my book and that’s something I can achieve as an indie.

4. Other than having pretty much all the say in your books development, what would you consider the best part of self-publishing?

Control. Especially control over my covers. I’m not an artist, but I always have a particular image in mind. I’m lucky I’ve found a designer who works with me to make the images in my head real.

5. For those debating whether to take the chance or risk, whichever sounds better, :}, what advice would you give an aspiring writer that would help in their decision after the writing is done?

I would tell every writer to make a list of their goals. Is their main goal to have their book in all the big bookstores? Then go traditional. Are they willing to take some risks, even the risk of falling flat on their face in failure? Then go indie. Look, the market is a big unknown. There are traditionally published authors hitting it big and some indies are making millions. It shouldn’t be about the money, since it’s not guaranteed in either arena, but about the writer’s personal goals.

6. Lastly, Megg, without giving too much away, how does Reychel differ from other heroine’s?

I think Reychel is different because even though she’s told she’s something special, she doesn’t buy it. She finds strength in herself, in the girl she was before everything changed. She takes nothing for granted.

Megg Jensen. She writes about magic, mystery and fantasy, which is this Writer’s personal favorite, ahem. 🙂 She is an inspiration for all writer’s, young and old, who are contemplating self-publishing as a means to get their precious stories “out there.” An inspiration to us all.

Aspire No More.

Pick up Megg’s book and stop by her place. Also “Like” her fan page, today!

The free give-away has ended! Congratulations to the winner, Lindsay Cummings! Enjoy Anathema!

All others thank you very much for the awesome comments and keep ’em coming! I’m bound to have more give-aways and more excitement to come!

Be blessed!

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