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The Sky Burns Red or Seeing Red Again

The title of this post refers to two, well, three things.

The first one is the title of a song by the epic band Perception Of Intent, which is also the official theme song to my book, The Stories. POI’s debut A Distant Voice, album drops 11.11.11

Seeing Red is the “name” of the e p i c piece below and is also a line in the song The Red by Chevelle…and also the first words in the song Seein’ Red by Unwritten Law.


Point, other than the fact that I remind you that red is my favorite color and is in my last name?

Well, this is all getting so very exciting for me as a writer and I would like to share with you all this piece of red brilliance by Crystal Ord, artist and writer.


I call it L’orrah Is Pissed with a little excerpt from the book.

“In your years of loneliness, you gave no power to circumstance. The strengthening of your mind, your body…your very soul…you chose to be more! Now who will you be? Now what will you choose?”

“To be more.” -L’orrah, The Stories.



Also, here are the songs noted above. Anything with red I embrace-almost. And it so happens the latter two songs I’ve loved for a very time.

“It’s all or nothing, nowhere left to run, are you ready for the last fight?
Get ready with the war cry!
Let me hear you scream like you want it!
Let me hear you yell like you mean it!

Let me hear you SCREAM!”–Ozz

Dedicated to all those who have something to say, something to write, something to pray and something to fight.



In The Stories, you will see red…and legends will be reborn.



Red is not just a color…at least for me it’s not.

Favorite colors are not just for kids.

Back in 2002 there was a song called “The Red” by the band Chevelle. Loved it. Still do.

I joined a site called deviantart to try my hand at some poetry and lil art pieces and my nom de plume was TheRed.

I was biased towards the song for two reasons. One, my favorite color is? Blue. No, it’s red. All the way red. The second reason, perhaps THE reason I like the color is for what it symbolizes. Blood. The blood of Christ. Without the shedding of blood, I am not saved. Praise God…He did.

So, we fast forward to mid ’10 and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to write a full-length fiction book. An image popped in my head. The image? Not really an image but more of a scene, a moving one.

A little girl in red runs through a dense banyan filled forest,  breathing heavily. The scene moves to a pack of beasts chasing her, though they cannot be seen. The scenes change back and forth from the girl to the stampeding of the beasts and back…and forth until she stops to face them…and says three words from under breath: Do your worst.

The reason she was wearing red? Because it stood out in the night. So I loved it. The idea. It could only mean one thing: Little. Red. Riding. Hood. It made sense. She wanted to speak. And she chose me to write her story.

It quickly evolved into an entire story, an entire world where I carefully chose the characters that would appear in the first book and the great surprises I have for it’s prequels, Book Two:The Bridge and Book Three:Fulfillment.

In The Stories:Book One we see her not as The Little Red but as L’orrah. The name her Grandmother gave her. You’ve never seen her like this.

The red is a symbol in the entire series. You’ll see.

The red.

My Great-Great Grandfather, Miltiadis Lemos came from Psara, Greece. His name, Miltiadis means red earth.

He named his son, Milton derived from Miltiadis.

My surname, Longoria has no known accepted meaning, this is true. But upon recent  investigation I found that the Basque name Gorria means… RED.

I claim that. With all my heart that part of my name means red. The first part Lon is Basque for lion.

Genealogist’s studies prove our family name is from Spain but from the Austurian region. No matter. The Basque and Austurian regions are related.

One can see…my name that I am proud of, Longoria, most likely means Red Lion.

The point? “The red. It filters through.”

Before I found out about the meaning of Gorria I planned on getting a tattoo of a red lion rampant. I have a literal red lion statue in my home. and without giving too much away, “red lion” appears in my book.

Some things were meant to be.

Destiny. Fate. For me…all God.

I’m ready. Just looking at what I’ve written here, there is NO way I’ll let this pass me by.

I…writing this to share with any who read it…that some things were meant to be.

The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.–Romans 11:29

Be blessed.

stock image courtesy mjranum-stock

It’s Friday. ‘Nuff Said.

Press play. I Super Sloppy Double-Dare With Marc Summers you!

You remember Friday Night Videos, right?

Aspire No More doesn’t really have a format…Thursday’s are filled for Unbridled Talent, but other than that, free reign.

Chromeo performing “Hot Mess” on Conan.

The music soothes even the savage beast.

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Trailer Part Duex

Watch the new Trailer for The Stories:Book One-Genesis.

Well Well, What Have We Have Here? A Contest and a new Trailer!

I have been working on this for months. I have taken time off-perhaps too much.

Nevertheless<–don’t you just love this word?-I have decided that while I’m putting the final coat of epic on my baby The Stories:Book One I want to share it with a blessed future readerslashsupporter. I love this. All of it. The writing. The blogs. Facebook. Twitter. The Friends I have never met face to face, but I know I will in the future.

Back to the task at hand…I ramble. A lot.

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Rowling and Meyer: Writing in Secret By D.L. King

Rowling and Meyer: Writing in Secret

By D.L. King http://dlkingwriter.blogspot.com/

Closet writing. It happens more than you think. Just like an undercover FBI agent hiding their veiled career, many writers cloak their work as if they were planning a covert operation instead of writing a novel. It sounds humorous, yet many writers write in secret and this phenomenon is worth some investigation and discussion.

So why keep your writing to yourself? Why not share your excitement from the start and proclaim your envied position as an artist? The answers are fairly straightforward:

1) Creativity is very personal and often artists are shy and delicate creatures.

2) The artist’s life is easily misunderstood by the general population.

3) Many artists wade against an opposing societal current that treats with derision not only the content they’ve chosen but also the very nature of their profession. Writing fiction isn’t your typical 9-5, and by many, isn’t even seen as work.

Furthermore, creativity can be a fragile beast, a beast that needs nurturing. That nurturing can be provided either internally or externally, depending on the individual’s needs, but the beast is demanding and must be fed. And coming to terms with the ramifications of art is something every writer must face if they are to succeed. For some it is a fast process of self-acceptance, but for others it can be a slow and agonizing evolution.

One of the initial hurdles of this progression is overcoming self-doubts. Or the: ‘Am I good enough?’ ‘This business is tough.’ ‘What will so and so think,’ phase. Then comes facing outside obstacles: “Writer? Is that why we sent you to college?” “Good idea, but I think I read that story before,” etc. But with an internal battle already waging in the mind and because there can be many more forces that hamper creativity than foster it, many beginning artists shy away from exposing themselves to outside judgment for fear their sensitive vision may crushed.

Take for example two of the bigs: Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling.

When Meyer was writing Twilight she didn’t tell anyone, not even her husband. She would simply sneak off to the computer and go into deep cover mode.

“I was really protective and shy about it because it’s a vampire romance. It’s still embarrassing to say those words — it sounds so cheesy,” she confessed. “It’s not like I was going to tell him (her husband) that I was writing this story about vampires, because he was just going to be even more perturbed.” (http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2007-07-12/news/charmed/2/)

The person who finally broke Meyer’s silence was her older sister, Emily Rasmussen, and Meyer ended up sending her sister the manuscript piece by piece. Rasmussen fell in love with Twilight and encouraged her to find a publisher.

And then there’s J.K. Rowling. For years Rowling was also a closet writer and not many people knew of her literary endeavors. Not even her parents. When one of her pupils discovered she was writing a book, Rowling felt embarrassed and tried to trivialize her writing. “I think I said, ‘No it’s just a hobby.'” http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2000/0700-guardian-hattenstone.htm

She also once told a friend she was writing a novel, and the friend’s eyes glazed over.  “I think she thought I was deluding myself, that I was in a nasty situation, and had sat down one day and thought, ‘I know, I’ll write a novel.’ She probably thought it was a get-rich-quick scheme.” http://www.accio-quote.org/articles/2000/0700-guardian-hattenstone.htm

But as the story goes, she told her sister Dianne about the concept of Harry Potter. And Dianne is said to have instantly loved it and became a huge supporter and finally encouraged J.K. to send the manuscript to publishers. “It’s possible if she had not laughed, I would have set the whole thing to one side,” admitted Rowling, “but Di did laugh.” (http://www.famous-women-and-beauty.com/j-k-rowling-biography.html)

So…confession: Personally, in the beginning, I didn’t want to tell people that I was writing either. I was on the cusp of quitting before I even started, thinking that I’d never accomplish anything, and that most everyone I knew would assume I was on some silly venture.

If anyone needed some external nurturing, it was me. So, like Meyer and Rowling, I only told a few people whom I knew would respond with nothing but support. And that was key. Knowing that someone is cheering you on, whether it’s yourself or someone else, kindles that flame of self-confidence. So that eventually you can step out your door and say: “Hello, world! I’m a writer!”

Later, in addition to telling those first few wonderful people, this gave me enough assurance to join a critique group. And having that extra anchor was fantastic, as the group, too, knew the writer’s plight. There were some bumps on the way as some people gave me the evil-critical-eye. But it wasn’t long before I was known as “a writer.”

As Thomas Dreier once said: “The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are.” To see this principle in action, one of the greatest ways to find out what you’re projecting is by examining the gifts you receive. As I started to tell more people about writing, going to classes and conferences, and meeting with editors, etc., I noticed that for Christmases and birthdays I started getting more bookstore gift cards and books on writing/grammar.

But finally the ultimate present I received was a pair of earrings in the shape of matching books. I was shocked and closed the box. The giver wondered if I didn’t like the gift, and I told them: “No, I do, but why did you think to give these to me?” (Silly, I know.) They furrowed their brow and said, “Uh, because you’re a writer, duh.” I scratched my head and smiled. “Oh, I guess I am.”

From that day on I was able to put my secret-agent-writer-FBI-badge away and like Rowling and Meyer, acknowledge those first few supportive people who nurtured my artistic endeavourers and built my confidence sky-high.

As an avid writer by day and werewolf by night, D.L. King is a YA and picture book writer currently querying literary agencies for representation.

Keep an eye out for D.L. Her ideas are fresh and I think we will be seeing much more of her in the near future!

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