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#WriterWednesday:I Am Writer Has Moved.

In light of the most kind and future author Tiffany Cole posting my Guest Post on her blog today,  I Am Writer has been moved to Saturday. I write a contributing post for The New Authors Fellowship every other Friday and that is this Friday.

Do go and read my guest post. A piece on a few of the Pros & Cons of being a writer. Also you’ll be showing Tiffany and me, of course, how much Writer support is really out there.

My next  post will be “based” on the well-known quote: What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail.

Aspire No More.

Be Blessed.

I’ll leave you with this also somewhat known little story, rewritten by me.

We encounter a man, drowning, flaying about in the ocean…
…apparently he has been lost at sea.

He stops for a moment to take a breathe, to take it all in and prays.

“Oh, my God…help me out of this…I pray to you…help me out of this…I have been faithful.”

Just then he sees a light in the distance. Faster than he knows what to do, a barge is bearing down on him.
The captain steps over to the port, and says, “Ahoy there…looks like you need some help! Climb aboard!”

The man says, “No, God will help me, thank you.”

Surprised the captain of the barge moves on.

In the dark quiet night with only the waves to keep him company, the man again prays…

“God, I have asked you…I have been obedient to you in all my ways, and I have acknowledged you as my Saviour…help me out of this.”

About an hour or so later, a  boat nears  him and one of the passengers sees him floating in the water.

“Mister, Mister!!! Hey, We’re here, come inside! We’ll help you!” one of the passenger eagerly says.

“No…thank you, but my God will help me out of this.”

So, again, just as before, the boat leaves the man in his predicament…the passengers bewildered.

Another couple of hours pass and the man who had been lost at sea…


…and drowns.

Upon entering Heaven the man looks upset.

Angrily, he tells God, “My God! I prayed to you! Why, oh why, did you not help me???

Without any hesistation, God replies,
“Dude! I sent you two big boats you idiot!!!”

The moral of the story is when you trust in God to help you, know that when he does, be waiting for it….don’t let it pass you by!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9 NIV

Shout-Outs From A Writer: Part One

The following is an original comment I posted on Rachel Harris’s blog, Ending Unplanned. My gratitude is unflinching so I decided to share it here.

Let me write you an illustration.

A year or so ago I was standing outside of a door. The door was twice my size and it was the darkest crimson I’d ever seen. On the other side of that door, was a man waiting for me. Let’s call it a job interview. I wasn’t dressed for one though, no. I had my favorite ball cap on, tilted slightly to the left. I had my go-to black button-up on, sleeves rolled up. My tattoos were exposed. But I was ready. I breathed slowly and said under my breath: “Tymothy, you sure ’bout this?”

Then I walked in. The guy sitting at the desk just looked at me. He was smiling. His eyes told me to have a seat. I did.

“Nice cap,” I told him.
“You too,” he said. “So…you know why you’re here, right dude?”
I nodded.
“You’re to hear to ask yourself if you can do this. Well, Tymothy. You sure about this?” he asked.
I took a deep breath and nodded again.
He looked at me, nodded in return and said, “Well. Get to it.”

Since then, since asking myself if I could BE a Writer, I have become one.

Chapter Two.

Facebook was the launch for my Twitter presence. On Facebook, I made some great connections. Among them was Megan Bostic, the Author of the upcoming book, Never Eighteen . She was the first example of “selfless” writer and I truly value her as a person and Author.
Diane Graham is another, great aspiring to be published writer. She is a great Friend and it is because of her that I am a Contributing Writer at The New Authors Fellowship. A blog made of Christian writers, yet unpublished. I Am Ocilla has something to say.
Then I met @ifollowthenight. I know only her Twitter handle. But I think it’s better that way.
She is the one who asked if I “was on Twitter”. A great place to meet and network with awesome writers.
Thing is I WAS on Twitter, technically, but my account was gathering dust and tumbleweeds. My first @ was PrevailUpon.

On ifollows advice I went back, changed my handle to my name and the rest is literally history. I owe this all, the follows, the networks, yes, I owe my very Twitter presence to her.

I’ve met so many great, talented, awesome epic people.
People like Paul Joseph, Dawn Kirby, Shelly “ShellShell” Picarella, Michelle Shaw. Tiffany Cole.
They deserve success if anyone does.

KDSarge. Support much? Make me feel epic much? 🙂 Same goes for AmyBeth.  So gracious in their humbling uplifting.

The BookSoulmates Isalys and Nessa. I like knowing them.That sound weird? Lol. They do RAK’s… They were the first glance at what love from Readers truly is.

@inluvwithbookz whose support is unwaivering.

My epic Friend and Writer Sister, Allie Burke, who calls ME an inspiration. *sheesh 🙂

The Indies: Megg Jensen, G.P. Ching. KarlyKirkpatrick. Mia Castile. Angeline Kace. These ladies DO what they love and MAKE IT HAPPEN, Cap’n. They are an inspiration.

My BestNerdFriendsForever, Christin Mowery, She’s awesome.   Nicholas Denmon, Thomas Amo. They are my Nerds.
Then came The YA Sisterhood. Amy Rose, Demetra, Leah, Tamara, Jamie. My Twisted Sisters. So much support. Really. Sheesh.

We get in this world what we give. Sisters, thank you all.

I am overwhelmed at all the love, mutual respect, help, tweets, retweets, retweets of retweets…lol.

It’s all good. I love it. Writers rock. My first hashtag was #ForThoseAboutToRock . It’s a statement of my belief and confidence in not only myself but all of my peers…my Friends.

Stay tuned.

This is the outer fringe of my peeps. Next time Part Two.

We all bleed black & white.–Anton Russell


Be blessed!

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