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Aspire No More: Part Duo

Write until your hand gives out. Then write some more.

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Snappin’ my fingers…and writing.




Digging Around Underneath The Juniper Tree

He looked up at the sky and shouted to the clouds, “You said this wouldn’t happen again!” Then looked down at all the bones.

Marjorie Merle, Underneath The Juniper Tree

That is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever read. Truly.  For me as the reader it conjures an image of a man crying out to God. I can see it. That’s what great writing does.

See over the weekend on The Twitter, the epic hosts of the online blog and magazine Underneath The Juniper Tree invited all to write their very best short, and I mean short (140 characters) story. The darker and more twisted-the better. I put my knit writing cap on and it refused to be taken off! It was really fun and Marjorie and Tex showed the love. I thanked them for the chance of course and…I read so many great short stories!

Ahhh, Writers. Am I write?

So here I would like to share today a few of mine and maybe one or two of the others.

Note: they are all “dark” in nature. 

As I walked into the valley of the shadow of Death I feared not his evil. My sword & my shield fought with me. I am he who killed Death!  <new story I will “commence”.   Continue reading

Tales Of Writer Fails.

“How do you spell inanimate?”
*taptaptap “Cool, how do you spell moribund?”
“Uh, m-o-r-i-b-u-n-d.”
“Okay.” *taptaptap. “Got it! Uh, dude?”
“How do you spell morose?”
“Dude. M-o-r…wait you’re a writer, right?”
“Thanks dude! I have a new vampire story that takes place in the year 2045 and an Egyptian warrior has to find a signet ring to stop the invading zombie army, but only after he takes unicorn horn shavings and places them under his tongue! This is going to be such a best-seller!”


Now. Hear me. I am not making fun of people who have a hard time with spelling. No way. I’m sure at least ONE writer in the history of writing has been a bad speller. this is my attmept at humor for my fellow escritores. A brilliant idea and a flawless voice are a blessing but remember the technical parts of writing matter a LOT. You do kinda have to have a grasp of decent grammar and spelling to write. I mean…first impressions can lead to a huge book deal, right? But also for Indies, they respect what they do. Do your best!



What is “Awesome”?




inspiring awe: an awesome sight.

showing or characterized by awe.

Slang . very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.
Ah, yes the slang.

Awesome has somewhat been relegated to simply describing excitement, as in when one beats a level in a video game or, likes the way a certain pair of shoes looks. It’s meaning watered down to a verb in the likes of ‘wow’ or ‘cool’, over the years by generations. Not intentionally, it’s just something that happens. Now I’m guilt of this too. Though since first writing this, I have used it in place of “oh, man that’s neat” less and less. If you do it, no biggie. I’m just sayin’. Let’s get back to using the proper words at the proper times. Ya dig? In it’s truest sense, it means Awe-inspiring, completely and utterly filled beyond understanding, with ‘awe.’ What is awe? Simply but yet only meaning, literally, mouth agape, eyes focused, unable to breath, to even comprehend what the viewer is looking upon. He or she is ‘in awe.’ There is only one who can conjure up this involuntary action where absolute quiet, incomprehension and ultimate meekness join together.



Company Of Angels by Felicia Hodges

Are you…Prolific?

Adversity causes some men to break, and others to break records. -Unknown

1. (of a plant, animal, or person) Producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring.

2. (of an artist, author, or composer) Producing many works.

I’m referring to the works you produce. More specifically, what do you write? What do you write about? Or whom? What genre? One? Two? What are you interested in? What are you interested in accomplishing?

Now I really haven’t looked up statithstics or anything but I don’t think it’s all that common for a writer to write in more than one or two…or three? genres. Correct me if I’m wrong. We find our niche. We find our voice and often times we get lost within our own, well, voices. Why can’t we branch out? Why can’t we write in any and all? I’m saying this because of the idea’s I have for books. I’m saying this because my wife says I am a writer of “all”.  I know the reasons, well, some of them. We love the niche we’re in. We relax in it. It’s natural.

Right now, I’m writing an epic fantasy. I’ve written a childrens picture book. After the fantasy is finished I will dive into a love story. Yes. A love story.


As he sat in front of his computer, writing, suddenly, he…he began to cry. I watched him, silently. I knew. He put his head down for a few moments. Maybe to gather his thoughts. Or take hold of his emotions. Whatever the reason, I said nothing.  I just watched. God, I loved to watch him write. Then he raised his head, took a deep breath, and continued. He felt their pain and their loss…and I felt him. From my story The Writer’s Girl.

Another childrens book called, The Ice Cream Hat will be written. Hey, I gots kids. I want to write for them.
Also I have a short horror called Obey that I’m thinking about.

What else?Sci-fi. I already have the idea. I have a story that when all is said and done maybe a graphic novel.

What else? Ah so much more.

I have convinced myself that I can write, I believe God blessed me with the mind to achieve this as a full and rewarding career. I have been given so, so many kudos.Furthermore, I have ideas for a tat shop, called GraceFull Ink. A security firm(I spent seven years working in a max pen. An old Friend and band mate has come to me with an idea for a new band. But, after the ideas comes this question: “Now what?”

No, I’m not tooting my horn. Okay, maybe  I am. But I’m just saying what I feel. My opinion. And isn’t it true, though? If this message finds you, listen.

We’re on to something here. I want to leave this earth saying this semi famous or famous motto, paraphrased, of course:

“God?…I’m…I’m home?”

Yes, Tymothy. The gift’s I bestowed unto you?”

“Used them as you guided me…Father.”

Well done.

No such thing as being stretched too thin. It’s all possible.

I am…no not Number Four. I am…prolific.


I salute you.

We can do this.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3 NIV

Be blessed!


Whatever idear you have floating in your head…throw something at it to bring it down…and out…


…and into reality.


Everyone’s waiting.

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