Where I’ve Been! Guest Spots/Interviews

I have been extremely blessed to meet some of the nicest, most talented people ever! And I have been honored to have been asked to Guest on their blogs/sites and interviewed as well! If you want to know even more about me-go on, ;}-stop by these amazing places!

Guest Posts I’ve Written

for Christin Mowery: Am I A Writer

for Tiffany Cole: Some Pros and Cons Of Being A Writer

for Nicole Ireland: What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

for Tina Savage Wetor: Getting Back To Basics/Bible

for Giving Thanks Daily: Giving Thanks 

for Giving Thanks Daily: Something To Marvel At-Faith

for Allie Burke:  A Book By Any Other Name

Interviews I’ve Done

TL! Mousner: A Work In Progress

AmyBeth Inverness: A Bit About Me

Enamored Soul: Legends In The Making

Angel Carlie: Someday Famous Author Interview WORD.

I feel very blessed to share these with you.

Allie Burke: It is inspiring to inspire. ‘Aspire No More’

The Stories, Excerpt and Review-|m|

I am blessed to have these Writers and their support in my life. Seriously.


Allie Burke:

Love. Support. Read. Write. Repeat. 

MusicLove. Epicness. Perception Of Intent.

Stylish Blogger Awards

Emerald Destiny’s Release Day, Allie Burke

Aspire No More 

Allie Burke Interview at All Things Books

Jeffrey Beesler:

Awesome Writers You Should Know Week

Thank you, Tamara and Kimberly Atkins. I am grateful.

Ashley Dawn aka Bookish Brunette 

The Bookish Brunette

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