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Let It Go. (I’m Alright.)

Years and years ago…I was blessed. I was blessed to be able to find my literal voice and I began singing in the church I was going to. I was 16. Man…memories of singing for God. My friends and I always played music together and had dreams of starting a band. Then we said, “Dream? Let’s do it.” Then? God moved and I met a brother in Christ who led us to an opportunity to record a “demo.”

We had written an entire set and played around town in churches, then we were blessed to play to bigger audiences. 400 is none to shabby. ;}.

Back to recording. The first time we “wrote” and played the track here was literally the night before. A jam session turned into this and the next day it was what it was. I am tremendously honored and blessed to have been able to do this back then. I am a writer and I am also a singer at heart.

The song is called Let It Go. Final scream courtesy of your friendly neighborhood writer-man.



Some go through lifes various changes, learn from them become stronger…and somehow deep inside we are still unsure if and how we will make it.
I’ts called doubt.
It’s called anxiety.

Don’t worry.
You are stronger than you yourself know.
He knows.
You will make it.
You already know what has been said…
What doesn’t kill you…

…had better run as fast as hell!
Chase that mother down, go after it, climb that mountain..
Make it your *ahem* bit%h!!!

You were destined to have a hope and a purpose. He said so…and I trust Him.



  • Aspire. 
  • No. 
  • More.












The Gift.

“God gave the gift of artists so that people can dream while they are awake.”–Steve Vai

You all have been given a gift.

Gift. A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present

What if it could talk? What would he or she…say?

Hello. I’m your gift. I’m something entirely different to everyone…and everyone uses me different. Some more than others. Some not at all. The writer of this post believes a Creator gave this to you. But this isn’t about religion. I have some questions for you.

What will you do with me today? Put me in a corner and punish me for not being good enough? Will you yell at me? Tell me I’m not worth your time? Will you stomp on me and push me against the dirt and spit on me? Will you believe you are not good enough to have this gift? Put me in a closet and forget me?

Gift by Indevisual

Or will you embrace me, tightly?

Accept that you have been  freely given this gift?

Will you be grateful for it?

Will you sing at the top of your lungs?

Will you write your story…like only you can?

Will you tell that person something great…something that could save their life? Something that will inspire the dim light within their hearts to grow into a blazing fire?

Will you work me?

Will you be that teacher? Will you love?

Strengthen me.

Study me.

Use me for good. 

Channel me into something that could inspire another who will in turn inspire many more…who will then, perhaps, change the world?

I am your gift. What will you do with me?!

Up to you.

Let’s do this.

…if We already are…more power to you, my Friend!!!

So Who’s Going To Sang?

Who knows?

Be blessed.


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