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“Chance means nothing. Fate means nothing. In fact the two are sisters, holding out a snare for anyone who would listen to their beautiful words. Choice is what decides what will become of us, of you. Read a prophesy or listen to a great foretelling until the words are seared into your soul. It matters not. Only when you decide to go one way or the other, and only when you choose to live…

…this way…or that, do things start to happen.”

Excerpt from The Stories: Book One Genesis

New blog post entitled “Duality” coming this week. Please stay tuned!





Magan Vernon: Always A Writer

Magan Vernon, newest addition to DarkSide Publishing shares with us today what many of us believe with every fiber of our being.
After the birth of my daughter I never thought I would have time to write again.  Between sleepless nights and just caring for another human being I didn’t think I would have time for anything else.  Before she was born I had so much time.  I could stay up late writing, instead of getting up every two hours for a feeding and I had all the time in the world to keep up with social media and a blogging schedule.  But with a little one in my life I found that those things slowly started to dwindle. Instead of checking my tweets, I was checking Youtube for lullaby videos.  It was settled, this was my new life. Continue reading

Karly Kirkpatrick: No

Karly, one of the founding Authors of DarkSide Publishing writes a powerful post about a simple and yes teeny tiny word.

For being such a teeny tiny word, NO can be a very powerful one. This applies not only to writers, but also to many aspects of life. For a lot of people, NO is an end point. Once they’ve been told NO, dreams are shattered and paths can be ended. In the publishing world, most of us have been told NO numerous times, more than we can count sometimes. We’ve been told no by agents and editors for the most part, and hey, we can even count those critique partners, although their NOs are meant to help us.

What is important is that we look at NO not as an endpoint. Consider it a challenge. If you get a string of NO’s on a manuscript from agencies, analyze them. If they were straight up form letters, maybe your query needs some work, maybe your manuscript could use another edit or a fresh set of eyes. Continue reading

Angela Carlie: Setting The Stage

DarkSide Publishing Week!



There are many things I love about the Pacific Northwest. The trees, rain, waterfalls, rain, wildlife, rain, ocean beaches, rain, rivers, rain, lakes, rain, mountains, rain, desert… See a theme? Ha! Yes, there is a lot of water here, but water is the essence of life, so it’s a good thing.

Most all of my novels are set in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived here for thirty-something years and feel that I’m qualified enough to bring this beautiful place to life through words. After all, setting is just as important as the characters, in my opinion, and the author should know it just as well. Plus, there’s mystery in forests and dark, overcast skies. Opportunities lurk behind every tree trunk and every cloud, waiting to surprise the reader.  Continue reading

Welcome, Kat Deacon!

Hello everybody!! Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Kat Deacon and I write YA Paranormal. My first release came out this week and I’m here to share it with you! My novella The Gift is available now at www.etreasurespublishing.com. As a way of thanking everyone for coming, I’d like to give a copy of my book to two lucky people who leave a comment. So feel free to comment as much as you want. Also if you have any questions at all I am more than willing to answer the best I can. Just don’t ask me for any kind of math help. I suck at math…honest!

I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. Continue reading

Guestie: Allie Burke!

Allie Burke a Cali born Writer is the Author of The Enchanters Series. Allie writes with passion. With a vigor that compels you to keep reading. Every writer has doubts at one point or another but Allie listened to her heart and continued writing. I’m sure she realizes just how great a choice she made. Allie and I “met” via Friend and Writer Christin Mowery when I Guested on Christins blog.  I have not only come to know her as a Writer but as a Friend. In the era of Twitter and Facebook a virtual friendship is what some would call it. I disagree. Show your support and #WriterLove and Like her fan page and read more about her here.

With this post she allows us into her mind and heart. I for one can say…music is perhaps the greatest muse for me as a writer. As a person. I can not be one day without it.

I look forward to sharing more of Allie’s work with you all and as we join in future projects, you will see what #epic truly is.

Without further ramblings by me here is Allie.

The choice between music and writing is… nothing.

A “passionate” Guestie by Allie Burke.

Music. It is… me.

It is my life. My muse. Inspiration. My love. It is… me.

When I say that, for approximately sixteen hours a day, music shadows my existence, I do not exaggerate. My iPod is within reach when I wake up in the morning. As I speak to my customers throughout the day, pressing the phone against my ear, I embrace the music through the other side of my head. Before embarking upon the journey that is my short walk from the office to the car, and the even shorter walk from the car to my apartment, I whip out that slim piece of equipment with an apple etched onto the back. It’s as if, I cannot survive those two minutes without the tunes. I don’t know if I can. I have no desire to try.

My taste for music is… vast. It is extensive and, does not discriminate.

I kindly ask you not to quote me on the following, as this statement which is a fact today, could be, tomorrow, merely a memory.

Rise Against is my favorite band.

Rise Against is my favorite band, today. Yesterday, it was Foo Fighters. Last week, it was Rise Against.

I have a special admiration for Tim McIlrath. Not only do I melt beneath the voice of Tim McIlrath, lead vocalist for Rise Against, but it is the person, Tim McIlrath, which I love.

I shall not sit here and label myself Allie Burke: The Anarchist. I will not claim that I agree with everything Tim McIlrath sings of, or of which he speaks. I will not lie.

I will, however, assert my belief that the passion this man has for his music, is deeper than any I, in twenty-years of life, I, a lover of everything music, have ever encountered.

Passion. It’s why we write, isn’t it?

Oh. You write because it’s “just another job”. Ha. Yeah, okay. Whatever.

Alright. Now that THAT GUY is gone. We write because we love it. Because we crave it. Because it is our destiny, because writing is a passion, and we can’t live without it.

But, I can’t live without music. And neither can Tim McIlrath. Listen to one song. Any song. Whether or not you like the genre of music, even if you couldn’t care less about music. Listen to his voice for two minutes, listen and then gaze directly in my eyes and tell me that you can’t understand why Rise Against has been the sole inspiration for my WIP.

You can’t, can you?

Yes, that’s right. (One of the) projects I’m working on at the moment, was, and is, in its entirety, inspired by Rise Against. And when it is done, you can be sure that novel will be, in its entirety, dedicated, to Rise Against. It will be dedicated to their music, their talent, their… passion for the art that has so effectively inspired me.

I love Rise Against. I do. They are my favorite band. Today.

But, while I’ve been known to bow to the sounds of A Wilhelm Scream, of Ignite (which inspired the character Daniel Linden, that whose voice opens my latest published venture, Emerald Destiny), I do not label myself a “Grunge” or “Punk” junkie.

I recently interviewed metal-core band Perception of Intent, which was an awe-inspiring experience. I was honored. The guys from Perception of Intent are widely talented, decidedly hilarious, and… you guessed it. Passionate for their music. They are one of the best out there right now.

 ForthAngel. Whooo these guys are amazing. Newly discovered, like, what, Tym? Couple days ago? Lol.

There is a special quality to this Rock/Metal/Hardcore band from Minnesota. A special quality that is… just that. They. Rock. On the surface they are metal-ish, and beneath the hardcore voices, entwined into the pitched shredding, is a passionate, melodic beauty that has the power to inspire the imagination, to embed in the mind that vivid imagery that every writer dreams of.

My taste for music is… vast. It is extensive and, does not discriminate.

Right now, I’m listening to The Black Keys. Their sound is mellow, and… I’m writing.

As you may or may not have heard, I don’t do the playlist thing.

I know. I’m sorry.

I don’t do playlists. I don’t like them. I have thousands of songs on my computer. Thousands. How on earth do you expect me to…

Never mind. Bottom line is, in the time it takes to compile ninety-two playlists, I could be writing WAY more than ninety-two words. Aside from work, husband, reading, and just, workin’ that Indie angle, my writing time is cut short as is. No playlists for me.

So, The Black Keys. (Thank your lucky stars I stopped when I did. That little playlist madness had the potential to grow into a very exhausting rant.) Mellow. No, I don’t listen to them just because they’re mellow. I listen to them because their sound is unique. Because in my head I can give myself to the beat as my eyes flutter closed. Because I like them. They’re good.

I do listen to them, while I’m writing, because they’re mellow.

The whole, pretty music during a love scene or, the scary song while writing of the epic fight? Yeah, I don’t do that either. If you do, I think that’s great. Truly. But, I just… don’t.

I’ve listened to Rise Against while writing. To Ignite. A Wilhelm Scream. Megadeth. Dio. A Day to Remember. Perception of Intent and beyond.

But, most of the time, as I write, I go mellow.

The Black Keys. The Temper Trap. 311. (I met Tim Mahoney and P-Nut once, and I’ve seen them like, four times). Bill Joel. (Seen him, too.) Florence and the Machine. Coldplay. Dave Matthews. Jack Johnson. John Mayer. Mumford and Sons. Alice in Chains.

I listen to Taylor Swift, too.

Wait. What?

Yes. I listen to Rise Against. And… Taylor Swift. I’m sorry if you think that’s ridiculous. If you will judge me as a person with a taste for music that is no taste at all. But, I love Taylor Swift. I can pin her as one of my favorites. She is beautiful. Her music… is beautiful.

“I was enchanted to meet you…”

Um. Hello. Allie Burke, here. Enchanted? Oh, yeah. You better believe I’m all over that.

Taylor Swift is a Writer. Not a Songwriter, but a Writer, Writer. I don’t know if she is aware. Probably not, or she would have written like, six books, by now. Listen to her. Her words. Google her lyrics. Taylor Swift is a Writer! I’m telling you. And when she realizes it, I’ll be the first one in line to buy her book. The first one to devour her story, and to embrace her words.

The mellow stuff. Why?


The music is neutral. Mellow harmonies that set the mood of my writing, but are not so overbearing that they will choose to spin the words and throw them back in my face. A middle ground. Gentle sounds and voices that inspire, that warm the heart and comfort the soul, but are… obedient. Music that is willing to stand down, retire to the background, surrender to the influence of the storytellers. The imaginary friends. The voices inside my head. (I’m aware of how crazy I sound most of the time, yes. But if you write, you know what I’m talkin’ about. Back me up here, mah people.)

But, mellow, grungy, punky or metal-ish, music is… music. It is passion. Love. I can’t write in silence. I can’t live in silence. Does this mean music is more important to me, than writing? Would I choose music?


I wouldn’t choose writing either.

The choice between music and writing is… nothing.

Music is writing. I’m a writer. And music… is me.

Violet Midnight is currently available on paperback at Amazon & Lulu, on Kindle and on Nook. Get it.














Go read more about Allie here in this grrreat interview: http://wrenemerson.wordpress.com/

#WriterWednesday:I Am Writer Has Moved.

In light of the most kind and future author Tiffany Cole posting my Guest Post on her blog today,  I Am Writer has been moved to Saturday. I write a contributing post for The New Authors Fellowship every other Friday and that is this Friday.

Do go and read my guest post. A piece on a few of the Pros & Cons of being a writer. Also you’ll be showing Tiffany and me, of course, how much Writer support is really out there.

My next  post will be “based” on the well-known quote: What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail.

Aspire No More.

Be Blessed.

I’ll leave you with this also somewhat known little story, rewritten by me.

We encounter a man, drowning, flaying about in the ocean…
…apparently he has been lost at sea.

He stops for a moment to take a breathe, to take it all in and prays.

“Oh, my God…help me out of this…I pray to you…help me out of this…I have been faithful.”

Just then he sees a light in the distance. Faster than he knows what to do, a barge is bearing down on him.
The captain steps over to the port, and says, “Ahoy there…looks like you need some help! Climb aboard!”

The man says, “No, God will help me, thank you.”

Surprised the captain of the barge moves on.

In the dark quiet night with only the waves to keep him company, the man again prays…

“God, I have asked you…I have been obedient to you in all my ways, and I have acknowledged you as my Saviour…help me out of this.”

About an hour or so later, a  boat nears  him and one of the passengers sees him floating in the water.

“Mister, Mister!!! Hey, We’re here, come inside! We’ll help you!” one of the passenger eagerly says.

“No…thank you, but my God will help me out of this.”

So, again, just as before, the boat leaves the man in his predicament…the passengers bewildered.

Another couple of hours pass and the man who had been lost at sea…


…and drowns.

Upon entering Heaven the man looks upset.

Angrily, he tells God, “My God! I prayed to you! Why, oh why, did you not help me???

Without any hesistation, God replies,
“Dude! I sent you two big boats you idiot!!!”

The moral of the story is when you trust in God to help you, know that when he does, be waiting for it….don’t let it pass you by!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9 NIV

NEW posts coming this week!

A new feature I have dreamed up will showcase the unbridled writing talent of the youth of the world.

No, seriously. I have taken it upon myself to share-with the writer’s permission, duh-with you all exactly what people are writing. They have some great ideas and it shows. These are the future #Writers. Should they choose to continue of course. The feature is called, Unbridled Talent and will begin tomorrow, Thursday. It will be a recurring post every Thursday. These amazing unknown young writers have agreed to let their words hit your heart.

Also coming Friday, great and talented writer and future best-seller D.L. King will stop by with Aspire No Mores newest Guest post, entitled:

Rowling and Meyer: Writing in Secret.

Anticipation, indeed.

Also I am honored and very pleased that my Wife, Jennifer Longoria will be guesting on Sunday with a post she humbly calls Humbled. Thank you so much for doing this Jeni. You’re a Writer as well. ;}

Stay tuned to Aspire No More. Things are looking ever better.

J.J. Hebert, Best-Selling Author of “Unconventional”

First, thanks for hosting me, Tymothy. For those who don’t know, I’m the bestselling author of Unconventional as well as the President of MindStir Media, a self-publishing and book marketing company. Unconventional (paperback & Kindle) has spent time on the Amazon.com bestsellers lists, and the Kindle has been the #1 inspirational book in the Kindle Store numerous times. It’s been a fun ride for sure. To learn more about my writing, please visit my official Web site at http://www.jjhebert.net. I also offer free self-publishing and book marketing tips at my blog: http://www.jjhebertblog.com. Continue reading

My Fellows and those who follow

Good afternoon all. I trust all is well.

As I attempt to reach the finality of The Stories:Book One and start drafting a query to send to *** ***** 🙂 I will be posting only once a week.
Not too shabby considering I’ve written almost a month’s worth.

I pray you are all enjoying what it is you do and you will find me here, Facebook, or Twitter. I have yet to choose the day.

Remember Megg Jensen and J.j. Hebert will be stopping by and ALSO:

A few sisters’  have graciously volunteered their gift for writing and will be guesting as well.

Stay tuned to Aspire No More.

{the writer by tasteofomi}

Be blessed, keep writing!-

We, Us, You, Me, Him , Her

We are the answer to everything, negative, dark and oppressive in this world.
My friends, keep writing, keep musing,
keep thinking of ways to enlighten…
…to make a change,
to enrich.
Let us look into our very souls
for your the answers.
Keep on comin’ with what you got,
’cause in the end

We will seize the world!

A bit of my official Unofficial soundtrack

The Stories:Book One. I couldn’t write without music. Well, okay, maybe I could, but it wouldn’t be the same.

In no particular order, save for Chapter One

Chapter One. PsychoSocial by Slipknot

Remember When It Rained by Josh Groban

Come Back by Watership Down

Rebirthing by Skillet

Fade Away by Diecast

46 & 2 by Tool

heartbeats Broove

Strength In Numbers by Times Of Grace

New Fire by Sent By Ravens

Who We Are by DoublEdge

Whispers In The Dark by Skillet


The Sky Burns Red by Perception of Intent

Them boys got it.

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