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Let It Go. (I’m Alright.)

Years and years ago…I was blessed. I was blessed to be able to find my literal voice and I began singing in the church I was going to. I was 16. Man…memories of singing for God. My friends and I always played music together and had dreams of starting a band. Then we said, “Dream? Let’s do it.” Then? God moved and I met a brother in Christ who led us to an opportunity to record a “demo.”

We had written an entire set and played around town in churches, then we were blessed to play to bigger audiences. 400 is none to shabby. ;}.

Back to recording. The first time we “wrote” and played the track here was literally the night before. A jam session turned into this and the next day it was what it was. I am tremendously honored and blessed to have been able to do this back then. I am a writer and I am also a singer at heart.

The song is called Let It Go. Final scream courtesy of your friendly neighborhood writer-man.



Some go through lifes various changes, learn from them become stronger…and somehow deep inside we are still unsure if and how we will make it.
I’ts called doubt.
It’s called anxiety.

Don’t worry.
You are stronger than you yourself know.
He knows.
You will make it.
You already know what has been said…
What doesn’t kill you…

…had better run as fast as hell!
Chase that mother down, go after it, climb that mountain..
Make it your *ahem* bit%h!!!

You were destined to have a hope and a purpose. He said so…and I trust Him.



  • Aspire. 
  • No. 
  • More.












God Is Good Friday

Did you ever hear the one about a man?

A slight man, not too tall, not too short.
Average, at best.
Worked hard at what he did.
He worked with wood and stone.
It says there was nothing really remarkable about him.
His name was Jesus. Continue reading

Consumed With Fire:Tina Savage Wetor

This week’s Guest is Tina Savage Wetor, a Sister in Christ with a passion, a desire for God.

“My greatest desire is for God’s presence to return to America in our churches, to heal the abused, and our children to know God’s love.” ~Tina

Why do I write?  Honestly, it’s like asking a gun, “Why are you loaded?”  “I am all fired up.”  If I don’t get the Word of God out of me, I am afraid I am going too exploded.  There is a fire consuming my being, the Word wants to get out.  I can’t do anything but share it, even if others want to put it out.  Regardless if I am preaching, writing articles or poetry, or talking I am consumed with my passion for the love of God’s Word.  The Word of God has captured my life, so much I have yield to the Author.  My background was very difficult but I was searching for truth, love, and acceptance.  Only in God’s Word have I been able to overcome the obstacles in my life of low self-esteem and sin.  God’s word was a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path.  It has brought purpose, peace, and protection into my life.  The world will always try to minimize your worth, God wants to maximize it.   Life can be fulfilling if it’s nourishment in love.  This was a very difficult lesson to learn but I am grateful each day to walk it.

Understandable, we can never repay God for all of the bountiful blessings He has given.  My hearts passion is to love the Lord with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  When I get to Heaven, I just want to collapse at the feet of Jesus.  My only response: Jesus, I love you.  Yes, I know I can’t earn my way to heaven or my salvation; it’s a gift of God.  What a gift!!  I don’t believe many Christians comprehend the beauty of this gift.  So many treat God’s gifts with negligence, completely ungratefulness, and don’t realize its worth.   Yes, we are an heir to the throne of grace through the adoption of God’s love.

My heart ache’s for the ones who don’t know God, their worth, and the power of God’s redeeming love.  Even within the body of Christ, believers are walking bond to the lies of Satan about their worth.  Satan whispers condemnation, doubt, and lies to trap their lives.  If we can comprehend the TRUTH, we will not tolerate it.  Our confidence is only found in Christ who lifts our heads up, so we can reflect the Son.  In my life, I want my heart to reflect the glory of the Son who is the living Word.  Jesus has captured my heart so deeply, I don’t know how else to express my gratitude except to die to Him.  I surrender my life only for my Savior who displayed His love for me before the world.  How could I not want to do the same?

You can find more of  Tina’s anointed, inspiring, Spirit-led writings on her blog.


She is also a Contributing Admin at Wonderfully Made

Be blessed!

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