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I, Like Dr. Frankenstein, Have Created…

…a monster.


The first one was, “My other ms is a best seller.”

Awesome, clever, sardonic, and witty tweets by awesome, and talented #writers began pouring, er, tweekling in.

@WritersDigest with nearly 240, 000 Followers, even suggested writers to hop on this hashtag train.

It was a good time. It still is! Go by read and be entertained. If you’re on The Twitter, get you some.

Shout out to @GdCribbs, @AuthorMartyB and @Ava_Jae for joining me in this the very first minutes in, and adding fuel to this awesome fire. There are so many, many writers who took part, are taking part, so do go by and read!


Friday Night Music, #7DS Site and The October Premier of #UTJT

I’ll keep this post short, sweet and with just a hint of ruckus. 

First, it’s #FollowFriday on The Twitter. Swing by, Tweet, Follow and Support your favorite #writers #artists and creators.

Then hit play on this wickedly epic cover of Journey’s ‘Separate Ways” by a band I discovered just last night, Across The Sun.

Separate Ways cover.

* * * *  * * *

Also, I have some epic news to share. Many of you know I am just one part of an anthology/collaboration of superbly talented Writers/Authors.

Here is the newest site dedicated to the group effort created with awesome by Stephen Penner, a.k.a. Wrath scribe.

Seven Deadly Sins coming 2012 “Can not wait for this to be available. With so many great writer’s involved… its going to be one “HELL” of a read!”–an anxious reader. |m|

Way to bring the ruckus Mr. Penner!

* * * * * * *

Also, reminder tomorrow is the first day/launch of the spookily awesome online magazing Underneath The Juniper Tree!

They are an inspiration.

Here’s a piece that hints at a little short I wrote for them. It was fun to write. Mwahaheehooha.

The Discoveries mute_nOface

Be there and be scared.

This post brought to you my me, the #7DS Crew, #UTJT, Across The Sun and E aka Elizabeth Rose.


Be blessed!

Short SHORT Stories for UTJT

More of my submissions to Underneath The Juniper Tree‘s Twitter #under140story palooza-rama-bonanza!!!

Their September issue kicks off TODAY!

  • I stared into the eyes of the beast. They were cold but burning red. I vowed to be the last thing those eyes would ever see.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue. If I put this blade through your heart…well what color would you turn?

  • Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. And children, thanks be to his very big fall…we can all eat today! Scrambled or over easy?” 

Jack jumped back when Jill attacked...and the knife laid perfectly still.

  • Jack and Jill went up a hill…and saw who they wished to eagerly, kill. The end.
  • “Little red riding hood you sure are looking good. You’re everything a big bad wolf…could kill,” the evil beast whispered.
  • I ran and I ran until my heart nearly failed me. Then I reached my destination. Slowly I reached for the words, “The End.”
  • He lifted the quill and blood fell. “Have you ever tried to write in blood? It’s hard. It drips.” The Stories: Book Two ‘The Bridge’ #wiplines 
  • “A man who sacrifices his life for another-great reward follows him in the afterlife,” he said. Then he pulled his gun on me.
  • I awoke alone. In silence. The blood on my hands was still warm. 
I love to write. Word.

More Writing! #FollowFriday

It’s #FollowFriday!!!

Tweet your Writers, Homies, Sisters, Brothers. Live in Love.

Also check out my interview by the most cool Twitter Friend Amy Beth Fredricksen.

Who are the “stories”…?

The tales you heard as a child? Only rumors of what really happened.

“The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.”
— Henry Ward Beecher Via my Friend and sis in Christ, Christin Mowery

Also I like to share music on Fridays. Here’s a great song. Inspiring to say the least song. It played often while I wrote major scenes in Book One.

Unbridled Talent: Elizabeth Michaels

DARK FALLS by Elizabeth Michaels

Book: Mystery, Paranormal, Horror, Romance

Trapped in a dark world with no escape, she must make a choice. The love of her life…or her life.

I have a stalker.

He’s pursued me all my life. At fifteen, I am his.  Trapped in his world with no way out.

I can only watch helplessly as pieces of me float away. One by one, the memories disappear.

What’s left of me is locked in this place tainted with his touch. Everything around me bears his mark.

A symbol of ownership, reminding us we belong to him.

I have to escape.

He’s clever.


He knows my desires.

By feeding them, his power over me grows.

He brings me a boy I cannot resist.

I know he will be my downfall, but I cannot stay away.

Ethan is my drug.

I only want more of him.

I go deeper in, knowing the door to my former life is closing behind me.

He has me right where he wants me.

Soon I’ll be trapped here forever.

Is this what I want? I am Ever.

He is Death.

I want my life.

I want my love.

Save me. Continue reading

New Post. New Friends. Newness All Around.

Nicholas Denmon: Writer, Politico and overall guy smiley.

…and fellow #BNFF. Yeah. Nerds. We are the new rockstars.

Check it!:Cat Get Off My Keyboard

Nics Twitter  Hit’em up.


Penelope Fletcher

I want to write something worth remembering. I have a suspicion it will take most of my life, but I’m okay with that. I write fantasy, which to date has fallen into the young adult readership. I listen more than I speak, and skip from one thought to the other quite fast. I love to smile, and my favorite thing to do in the whole world is to read.–Penelope Fletcher

THIS is an excellent, to the point trailer. It’s my cup o’ hot tea.

Find out more about Penelope and her latest projects! The Blog.

She can be found on Facebook here and Sends out great tweets here

Intrigue.  Maybe in the future Rae and my m/c can either join forces or…


C.E. Smith


Support her in her Writing journey!



So if you’re having a bad day, just let your mind wonder and know that it will be okay.–Claire

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