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Through Innocent Eyes

I see the world through innocent eyes.

With no judgment, no bitterness, no blame.

Eyes that see the people all around me, different, yet one in the same.

Colors are crayons, not shades of skin to me.

If you could see through my eyes what things would you see?

I know you’d see fun and life and love-all free.

If I saw things through yours, what would they be?

Hate, pain, sadness or sorrow? Or a brighter future for me and you…I’m thinking about tomorrow.

Thinking about tomorrow makes me think of things I’ll do. Learn a new letter, word, or number, where’s, what’s and why’s….

…and continue to see the world through innocent eyes.


Children are taught, they are shown hate and prejudice. Let’s stop this. Let’s put an end to bullying and intolerance.


“Come to Me,” He said…with no prerequisites, no motives, unconditionally, ignorant of judgement, hate, etc…
Embrace EACH OTHER like this…its not that hard.

Poetry Corner: A Short One About Sight

I see what perhaps many others do not.
Now my belief and my hope is all that I’ve got.

I feel like, maybe, you’ve never felt,
but I am making the most with this hand I’ve been dealt.

Though it is dark in my heart,
I choose to live in the light,

and continue to trust in the One…
who has given me  s  i  g  h t.



CROSS by DarkAsteria

Let everything I see be through the Cross.


Poetry Corner:You Will Never Win by:Deana Hatfield

Evil is persistent, and so shall we be. Persistent in always picking ourselves back up, or always being strong enough to never be knocked down. –Aliza Bryant

You are always trying to tear me down

Push my buttons and bring me to my knees

You hate who I am and want me dead,

separate me, mutilate me from the one above

You try to break me, defeat me but I

will always rise above the beatings.

My heart may break and hurt, my mind

may be in battle and never rest but I

will always rise above the beatings.

You will never win, you will never take

me over, you will never turn my heart,

warrior by mzag


you will never win.

Poetry Corner: Want

Some years ago, before any idea for a full length books(s) entered my head, I wrote some poetry. This is one of them. I wrote it in the wake of so much tragedy around the world.

Light is dimming,
consciences slimming
nights are winning

it will never stop.

screaming for

our hearts to make it stop.

Leaders lying
children crying
in fields

oh, when will ever it stop?

searching for

a way to make it stop!

asking for

this madness all to stop!

Killing goes on,
hearts grow harder
minds go numb

because it doesn’t stop!

Others taking,
their lives!
for a chance to make it end…

…because it’s near. My ear doth hear.

Mine eyes begin to see.

It will never…

oh! won’t it ever?

Please Come make it

S  T  O  P.

blind by brokenheartART

Stop the bullying. Stop the bigotry. Stop your radicalism. Stop the bible-thumping. Stop the hurt. STOP.

Poetry Corner:Look Again.

If at any time you fail to see, that I am in all things and all things are in Me,

…just look at a flower, gaze into the sky.

These things were made for YOU to enjoy…

and for YOU…

I would die.




We Own The Sky v 2 by JsoNsw_7



Psalm 148.


Be blessed.

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