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Karly Kirkpatrick: No

Karly, one of the founding Authors of DarkSide Publishing writes a powerful post about a simple and yes teeny tiny word.

For being such a teeny tiny word, NO can be a very powerful one. This applies not only to writers, but also to many aspects of life. For a lot of people, NO is an end point. Once they’ve been told NO, dreams are shattered and paths can be ended. In the publishing world, most of us have been told NO numerous times, more than we can count sometimes. We’ve been told no by agents and editors for the most part, and hey, we can even count those critique partners, although their NOs are meant to help us.

What is important is that we look at NO not as an endpoint. Consider it a challenge. If you get a string of NO’s on a manuscript from agencies, analyze them. If they were straight up form letters, maybe your query needs some work, maybe your manuscript could use another edit or a fresh set of eyes. Continue reading

Angela Carlie: Setting The Stage

DarkSide Publishing Week!



There are many things I love about the Pacific Northwest. The trees, rain, waterfalls, rain, wildlife, rain, ocean beaches, rain, rivers, rain, lakes, rain, mountains, rain, desert… See a theme? Ha! Yes, there is a lot of water here, but water is the essence of life, so it’s a good thing.

Most all of my novels are set in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived here for thirty-something years and feel that I’m qualified enough to bring this beautiful place to life through words. After all, setting is just as important as the characters, in my opinion, and the author should know it just as well. Plus, there’s mystery in forests and dark, overcast skies. Opportunities lurk behind every tree trunk and every cloud, waiting to surprise the reader.  Continue reading

#FollowFriday: Indie Writer Announcement

Announcement for Fellow Writer,

Allen Schatz.

His book Game 7: Dead Ball is now available-in PRINT!

Indie Writer Allen Schatz is pleased to announce the launch of the print version of his debut novel!


The eBook version has been rated 4- & 5-stars at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and more…


“Allen Schatz, in his first novel, has proven a welcome newcomer to an overcrowded thriller market sadly diluted with average ho-hum fare… I would highly recommend this book to any thriller fan who is tired of the same old mediocre drivel that is plaguing our bookshelves… Schatz has proven he belongs in the writing game…”


“You might expect a mystery involving a baseball umpire in the World Series to center on fixing games. Schatz happily has chosen to go in a less obvious direction… Game 7 has a huge cast of characters – it is to Schatz’s credit as a writer that they’re reasonably easy to keep straight… If you like baseball and thrillers, Game 7: Dead Ball is a must read…”


“Simply put, it’s a fun, entertaining book that I would recommend for anyone’s summer reading list.”


Order your copy TODAY: https://www.createspace.com/3619727


Additional sales outlets, including Amazon.com

> CreateSpace: https://www.createspace.com/3619727  << use coupon code SG4Z85JL to get 10% here


For all the latest news visit www.allenschatz.com

You can also follow Allen on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AllenSchatzWriting or on Twitter (@raschatz).



Stop by Allen’s pages and show some love and buy his book! #WriterLove.

Do You Feel Me? Guest Post by Michelle Leighton

To Feel or Not to Feel…

Do You Feel Me by blue id

Those are our only two choices, right?  Sometimes I wish there was a happy medium, and for some people, there just might be.  But not me.  I feel.  Boy, do I feel!  I can’t turn it off or choose what to feel about.  I just feel.  Yes, there are times when it’s more inconvenient and painful than others, but you can’t have the good without the bad.  It’s that inescapable, bone-deep, ache of it all—the happiness, the sadness, the desperation, the euphoria—that both compels me to write and litters a blank page with description.

To me, a good book is all about how it makes you feel.  If I can feel the pain and angst of the characters, then I can also feel their happiness and passion.  And that’s what I really want.  I want to triumph with them, to conquer, to win, to succeed against all odds.  But in order to do that, I have to feel challenged and heartbroken, downtrodden and hopeless—I have to feel the pain that they feel, even if it’s just for a little while.

Have you ever been furious at the end of a book?  Or completely, devastatingly heartbroken?  Me, I hate books like that, primarily because they have made me feel so deeply that I can’t get past the anguish of it all.  I carry it around for days as if it’s my own.  But you know what?  That’s the sign of a well-written book, even if I hated that it ended badly.  The author’s objective was undoubtedly to make me feel and guess what?  It worked.

That’s what I hope to achieve with my books, minus the lingering devastation.  I want to suck readers into the world of my characters.  I want them to feel the heartbreak of rejection, the desolation of loneliness, the crushing weight of failure, but only to accentuate the positive.  In the end, I want them to feel the pure joy of finding true love, the sheer relief of making it to the top of the mountain, the utter satisfaction of achieving the impossible.  To my way of thinking, if you carry a smile for a couple hours after you finish one of my books, I consider that I’ve done my job.  I’ve brought some happiness into your life, if only for a little while.  And can’t we all use an extra “win” every now and again?

Thank you, Michelle. I for one agree and feel the writing. This was a reminder. That writers must pour themselves into their writing. Into the worlds,  the very hearts and minds of their creations. I mean they don’t have to but why wouldn’t we? When we make a conscious effort to feel, our world and the ones we’ve created intertwine. The end result is depth, realism and heart. The characters, be they Frodo, Pip, Frog or Toad, Winter, Ocilla or L’orrah, will do as we say. Before they submit to our whims, however, I believe he or she may ask: “Do you feel me?” Whether we answer yes or no determines how they will react. They may stay still, arms crossed. Others may twiddle their thumbs waiting. When we search their pain and joy, triumphs and losses, then it begins and sometimes, more often than not, he or she will lead us in a direction we never thought we’d go. They reward us. Any writer would agree. And any reader will know whether or not we are being real.

You want to be a better writer? Search your heart. Then put your self in your m/c’s or protags shoes…or high heels. Or clogs or whatever sort of footwear suits them. I for one have so many pairs of “shoes”…and I love it.

Be blessed.

You can find Michelle on Twitter, on The Indie Spotlight and be sure to follow her blog!

Great things are coming Michelle’s way. Be there to watch and give her a hand in support!

What say you?

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