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Unbridled Talent: H. E. Hinze’s The Color Red

Today’s submission is shorter than the others but it is still rich in great writing.

Red is not for passion. Or love. Or triumph. For Will, it means something far darker. But what is it?

Readers say it was “very poetic”,  “romantic and cool”, and “short but very powerful”.

Take this short for a read and let the warmth flow over you. Written by H.E.Hinze

I have an affinity for all things red so this is really great to share.


NOTE: the link above is broken. I’m working on makin’ things right. Word.

Unbridled Talent: Madds Cousins:The Five


Book Jacket
Book: General Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure

Common scars brought us together.

The blinding light swept through the rest of the subway train, silently swallowing everything in its path. Time slowed down. Even I felt it. Screams collided off the crumbling walls and I could see the light writhing closer. The numbness lifted off of my chest, off of every limb at that moment and the light vanished.

Then the subway crashed and darkness took over.

At that moment, I felt again.

After a fatal subway crash, Madison Ray and four girls are the only survivors. They are given the chance to be something and gifted with elements. Strange events begin to occur and people start appearing; some offering assistance, such as the handsome Caleb – others offering annihilation. The Five must choose where they stand.

Madison cannot tell the difference between the darkness and the light though, and as the girls’ dive deeper into chaos, she will have to decide who she will become. She will have to decide to fall again, or stand as Maddie.

A nothing or a something?

The Five or her locket?

“The more people you love, the more you lose.”

Read an excerpt from The Five!

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Unbridled Talent: Mcrae By Nature–Dust In The wind

Dust in the Wind

Book: Horror, Romance, General Fiction

History proves that man can be heartless.

Mush, Turkey, 1918

Auschwitz, Germany, 1942…

…and now history is about to repeat itself.

Wyoming, America, 2028.

When threats of a world war send racial tension to an all-time high, many first and second generation immigrants living in America seek refuge from all the unwarranted hatred. But what some of them soon discover, is that the hatred they felt before is nothing like what they are about to experience.

Follow the heartbreaking story of Aisha Gravis as she struggles to find the courage to open her eyes each day, the strength to accept the betrayal of her own country, and the power to believe in a hope that doesn’t seem to exist.

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Dust In The Wind by eikoweb

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Unbridled Talent: Elizabeth Michaels

DARK FALLS by Elizabeth Michaels

Book: Mystery, Paranormal, Horror, Romance

Trapped in a dark world with no escape, she must make a choice. The love of her life…or her life.

I have a stalker.

He’s pursued me all my life. At fifteen, I am his.  Trapped in his world with no way out.

I can only watch helplessly as pieces of me float away. One by one, the memories disappear.

What’s left of me is locked in this place tainted with his touch. Everything around me bears his mark.

A symbol of ownership, reminding us we belong to him.

I have to escape.

He’s clever.


He knows my desires.

By feeding them, his power over me grows.

He brings me a boy I cannot resist.

I know he will be my downfall, but I cannot stay away.

Ethan is my drug.

I only want more of him.

I go deeper in, knowing the door to my former life is closing behind me.

He has me right where he wants me.

Soon I’ll be trapped here forever.

Is this what I want? I am Ever.

He is Death.

I want my life.

I want my love.

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Unbridled Talent: Brianne Crowder

Brianne is a brilliantly talented young writer.

Silence is Deadly

by briannecrowder

ShortStory: General Fiction, Memoir/Autobiography

Silence is deadly.

She couldn’t find the words; she never could until it was much too late. Written a year ago, ‘Silence is Deadly’ explores the idea of the importance of speaking out when help is required; seeking assistance when things are beyond your control.

Silence is, in fact, deadly.

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