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…and the nominees for Debut Author are…

Hello all! I’ve been nominated by Twisted Core Press for Debut Author for my short story, Envy.

I really am grateful for this honor and I would greatly appreciate your help!

It takes a few seconds and there is nothing to sign or pledges to make.  Thank you all. I’ve felt the support and love since day one and really appreciate it still!

Clink the link and vote!



“Envy is more than jealousy. It doesn’t simply covet what another has, it hates him for having it. Christoph hates Jhonen, not just for what he has, but for who he is in the eyes of others. Christoph’s envy drives him to unspeakable acts against those who would show him kindness. Can Christoph be saved from the darkness consuming him body and soul? And if so, what could be powerful enough to overcome the deadly sin of ENVY?”


About Envy: Envy was an excellent exploration into the nature of man and I have a new ten dollar word in my language arsenal: Schadenfreude! -Dawn Jayne

Five star reviews! 

Review of Envy by The Bookish Brunette

This humbles me, yes.

Envy II

The Winter Issue!

We continue on with lil Pemberton, the miscreant and resident human in the Forest That Screams…

Pemberton searched high. He searched low.

But he could not find his November Issue, “Oh! Where did it go?”

He has never before been so sad,

save for the day he wandered into the forest, oh, it was bad.

But since then he has found his home

among the ghouls and Gruns…and misshapen gnomes.

Something new and fresh now covered the ground

’twas white and clean and fell with no sound.

The eerie screams from the forest they cried,

“This is the day the keeper of the Forest died!”

The snow began to take shape it did seem,

and now lil Pemberton was beginning to gleam

that the form before him was that of a man!

“So this was my predecessor, the leader of the clan?”

Before they could answer, the spectre, he spoke:

“My, what a pudgy and pale little bloak*!”

Pemberton stepped up to the man, looked at his face,

“This is now my little space!”

“Very well!” the blue tinted man sneered,

in his hands it looked like a book now appeared

Pemberton forgot all about the man’s  icey stare,

for now he had the Winter Issue…for all the Forest to share.

Click the brilliant cover.

Winter Issue: arte by Crystal Ord


*thank you, E.

#Winning, A New Contest And An Upcoming Issue

Hello all you writerly folk and beloved readers.

I really need to blog more than twice a week, right? It’s like I shared on Twitter earlier, if you think of a blog post topic, write. it. down. :}.

I digress.

I’d yet to share this here.

Underneath The Juniper Tree, the online children’s lit magazine specializing in horror and scary things are constantly challenging writers and artists in creating newness. That is, new stories and art and they do it in a way that makes it so much fun. Seriously. I’ve had a great time in just a short time taking part in some of these brilliant “go for it’s”.

Matter of fact I am honored and syked to share with you all that a submission of mine won and will be featured in what is sure to be one of the best issues-the Halloween Issue. The prompt was, basically, end the story with this line:

“See you in St. Germaine!” She laughed as her eyes clouded over.

I thought about it for a second or two and the idea came to me. And…it won. That really is awesome. I’d also like to congratulate again, artist and new Friend, Elizabeth Rose Stantonor as I call her E, on her win for art! Thank you @UnderTheJuniper and JuniperTreeLit for choosing my words to be a part of the scary!

I’ve submitted other shorts and again, they’ve been really fun to write.

I’m syked about this as well:

A Thrilling Contest And Competition:

Literary Asylum, in cahoots with UTJT and Walden Pond Press are throwing a really cool contest and offering up some really pleasing prizes. You owe it to yourself to enter and do this. Check the link for all of the details and get in this.

I sat there for a few and asked myself, “Okay. What you got?” I answered with two paragraphs(part of the contest guidelines) and I really liked what I came up with. It was an exercise in writing, of course, but because of this prompt, I have since taken notes and started outlining/creating an entirely new book. I know, I believe, it will see the light…or night after the day. Word.

The upcoming Issue Of Underneath is sure to blow your mind…all over the wall. Check the September Issue and don’t forget to replace that night light bulb before the sun goes down.

Writers write. 


Unbridled Talent: H. E. Hinze’s The Color Red

Today’s submission is shorter than the others but it is still rich in great writing.

Red is not for passion. Or love. Or triumph. For Will, it means something far darker. But what is it?

Readers say it was “very poetic”,  “romantic and cool”, and “short but very powerful”.

Take this short for a read and let the warmth flow over you. Written by H.E.Hinze

I have an affinity for all things red so this is really great to share.


NOTE: the link above is broken. I’m working on makin’ things right. Word.

Unbridled Talent: Madds Cousins:The Five


Book Jacket
Book: General Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adventure

Common scars brought us together.

The blinding light swept through the rest of the subway train, silently swallowing everything in its path. Time slowed down. Even I felt it. Screams collided off the crumbling walls and I could see the light writhing closer. The numbness lifted off of my chest, off of every limb at that moment and the light vanished.

Then the subway crashed and darkness took over.

At that moment, I felt again.

After a fatal subway crash, Madison Ray and four girls are the only survivors. They are given the chance to be something and gifted with elements. Strange events begin to occur and people start appearing; some offering assistance, such as the handsome Caleb – others offering annihilation. The Five must choose where they stand.

Madison cannot tell the difference between the darkness and the light though, and as the girls’ dive deeper into chaos, she will have to decide who she will become. She will have to decide to fall again, or stand as Maddie.

A nothing or a something?

The Five or her locket?

“The more people you love, the more you lose.”

Read an excerpt from The Five!

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Unbridled Talent: Katie B. a.k.a. Pheonix Rising,

It’s Thursday! Time for another feature!


by Pheonix Rising

Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy

What do you get when you mix rainbow hair and snarky attitude? Deirdra’s not your typical teenager; she sees things.

Abandoned on the streets of London, Deirdra’s constantly been in and out of orphanages. At age fifteen, she finds herself in the last place she expects—an exclusive boarding school in Ireland. And if that wasn’t enough, the headmaster’s daughter shows her a possible lead to the answer about her abilities.

Things aren’t always as they seem, and the mystery regarding her powers goes deeper into history—and into the future—than she thought. Abilities that haven’t been seen on Earth for centuries emerge in the least likely people to obtain them.

Clues start to unearth themselves and all signs point to India, where strange happenings have been going on in the shadows of night. Could the incidents in India somehow be linked to Deirdra and her Wandering abilities?

The game’s afoot and she is destined to meet some rather unlikely allies as she uncovers the truth about her powers. But does she really want to know the truth, or will curiosity kill this cat?

On 64 Pick Lists

On 90 Watch Lists

To read Chapter One please continue:

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